Monday, July 27, 2009

Motivation and Lack Thereof...


Weight: 286.5 lbs

That's yesterday's weight, just so you know. I didn't have time to weigh myself this morning. As with most workday mornings, I barely had time to get dressed.

Don't get too excited, weight fluctuates from day to day. I didn't write anything yesterday because I had a very lazy day. Unmotivated. There's that nasty word again. One insight I've gained (what a mean word) already is that motivation is the key to everything. I never really thought about it before. My lackadaisical response to most things in my life is really holding me back.

Ironically, I am a very hard worker and have a really solid career to show for it. BUT, I find the work challenging. Sometimes, it's a little 'blah', but mostly I really enjoy it. I think this must be how people feel about exercising. The idea of waking up at 5:00am to workout for an hour is depressing to me. I think, though, as part of this social experiment of mine, I'm going to have to try it. I just thought of something...Maybe those people in the gym at 5:00am will also be depressed to be there and won't look at my big ass and jiggly belly when I'm on that eliptical machine. (That's right, I do know what exercise equipment is called, I just choose not to use it.)

This 5:00am could work to my advantage because I am honestly intimidated by the already in shape people that are working so hard to stay that way. I don't like meatheads or whatever the female equivilant is to that stereotypical persona. Who the hell would ever be able to think too much at 5:00am? I wouldn't be caring about what people thought about me and most likely they wouldn't be thinking about me anyway.

Well, ok. 5:00am sounds like a good time to go exercise. Now. Who's gonna kick my ass in the morning and make me get up? Where's the MOTIVATION?


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Mary said...

Hey!!! You should try some exercise CD's. I have the 15 minute program... I think I have 10 minute programs too. Shape Fitness does alot of them. You could do that in the morning and start with that. I go to a gym with meat heads too. I go at lunch when it's quiet.. night time is like a single's club bar. Also, I love love love weight watchers. You can do it online. LOVE IT!