Friday, July 31, 2009

From Shoots and Ladders to Elevators and Stairs


weight: 284.3 lbs

That's from Wednesday. I haven't weighed myself since then. It looks like I've lost about 3 lbs since I started this. Maybe accountability even on an anonymous level really does do good!

So life's been a bit busy over the past few days. I haven't written since Tuesday which means that less than a week into this I've already started slacking off. Great. On a somewhat related note, I do have one comment on my blog-WooHoo! I have a reader! Motivate-Motivate-Motivate!

I did some research this week and watched Fox's "More to Love". It's a plus-sized--boy--meets--lots'o--plus-sized--girls reality/dating/love/show thing. Really, it's a train wreck waiting to happen. I occasionally get sucked into the world of reality dating shows. I watched ABC's "The Batchelorette" this past season. I totally hated Wes. He finallty got kicked off; the bastard.

Anyway, the point is, while everyone ends up making out on these shows, it doesn't happen on the first night. This guy had the cajones to make out with two girls on the first night. One of which while he was sitting next to another girl! Talk about lack of self-respect. It's one thing to lack self-esteem, ladies, it's another to lack self-respect! Just because you're insecure about your weight DOES NOT mean you have to mac on some loser. The show is supposedly about finding your life-mate. Meh. Yeah, right. I'll keep on watching though.

On to why I write today. I have the opportunity to get a little extra "not even trying" exercise in at work. I work on the second floor and take the elevator most of the time. I smoke so there's some up and down action going on during the day. (That sounds a lot worse than I meant it to sound. Sorry Mom!) It occurs to me that I am passing up the chance to burn a few extra calories and maybe shed some of the back-side. I really think about it a lot, truthfully. I think about the stairs when I am heading down in the elevator, heading back up in the elevator, have coffee in my hands, running in from the car when I first get here.... Actually, I run up the stairs quite a bit in the morning. Every second counts. I've decided to start using the stairs no matter what. Coffee is not an excuse! I need to move on to the next phase of this social experiment. ACTION. First we have MOTIVATION. Now I need ACTION.

I think I'll start on Monday.


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indiana.girl said...

I started my "feeling better about myself" routine by simply walking around the block three times a week. It was a really small step, but immediately I felt better about myself and it and the benefits I got from it grew.

By the way, I wrote blogs for oh, about two months, maybe one and a half before I got a comment from another blogger. Don't let it discourage you.

Blogging turns out to be all about social networking ie I comment on yours, you'll comment on mine, sort of thing and some bloggers won't anyway and others turn into pen pals. Just keep on doing your thing and staying true to yourself, that's what makes blogging worthwhile in the end; self discovery. (For me, anyway.)