Friday, October 16, 2009

The One Thing I Wasn't Gonna Do


???.? lbs

I was too chicken to get on the scale this morning.

I went to a wine and cheese social last night.  It was ok.  It was a business event and since I'm still new to this town, I don't know many folks in my business.  I'm working on it, though. Well, as the event title suggested, there was plenty of wine and cheese.  The wine was mediocre, but the cheese was fantastic.  I probably ate $20 worth of cheese last night. That and the one glass of wine makes up for my $25 event ticket.

I caught myself on my second plate realizing that I shouldn't be consuming this much cheese.  It's hard to turn down big chunks of Gruyère, though.  That stuff's my fave.  That and Rembrandt aged Gouda (not smoked Gouda but, boy, smoked g is great in grits).  Yummmm.  I could make myself sick on the stuff. I have before.  I'm not proud of that.  I did go back and get some carrots to make me feel a little more healthy.

So today I started thinking about a goal.  I said in the beginning there would be no goal-setting, but damnit, I guess I need to.  I don't think blogging all the time is a good enough goal.  This blogging almost every day is really easy because I enjoy it.  It's not work and, for the most part, is pretty much effortless. Shouldn't a goal require some effort to complete?  Well, What do I need to accomplish?  That list is too long to put here so I'll bring out the one I'm thinking about at the moment.  No, not eat less cheese (although, I am trying), but drink more water.  That's right.  Water is my goal. 

I don't actually do a lot of liquid intake during the day with the exception of the occasional Mr. Pibb (which I haven't had since this past weekend) and coffee.  So, I need to drink more water.  So far I've only been able to get one or two glasses in a day.  I need to be drinking like 10.  So...this is my goal.  DRINK WATER.  At least 60 ounces a day.  I am still going to have coffee, but for every one cup of coffee I have I'm going to have 2 glasses of water that don't count toward my goal.

I hate what this means for my bladder.


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Amanda said...

Grab a 32 oz. cup and use it twice. 64 oz. right there. That's how I get mine in -- otherwise I'd kill someone (probably in between trips to the bathroom).

Cheese. Yum. It's my total Waterloo. 'Tis the season for Sage Derby to show up in the stores now, too.

Pardon me, off to get my drool cloth and wipe my chin...

I'm Just Another Fat Girl said...

I'm so happy you share my joy and feel my pain!

Are you feeling better?


Anonymous said...

"but for every one cup of coffee I have I'm going to have 2 glasses of water that don't count toward my goal" Not to rain on you, but to me this defeats your goal before you begin. Water is a hard thing to do when you are not accustom to it, so my dear "jafg" you must count every glass you consume. I like what "A" says about the 32oz cup it does help, it is a mind game I play with myself only two glasses per day sometimes 3 I have managed this way. I use 32 oz glass mason jar ;-), I guess you know who I am now!! Anyway, water is a great goal to have! Kudos to you! <3

mary said...

I hate water.. I have to put the flavor packets in it.. the lemonade or propel or whatever.. something ANYTHING. I don't think I could drink plain water if someone held a gun to my head. I have a sports bottle and I know I to drink 3 full bottles to get my water in for the day... ahhh, if only it were pinot grigio... I'd be done by 10 a.m.

Amanda said...

Mary, oh so would I, wrt the pinot grigio... heh ;)

JAFG, the fever's gone, the headache remains, but overall things are improving. I'll be back at the office on Monday, much to the joy of Those Who Sign My Paychecks.