Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here Comes The Bride (part i)


292.8 lbs

No.  I'm not getting married. Please read on.

I am a litte proud of myself today.  I've found a walking buddy.  Well, a walking for the past two days buddy anyway.  A couple of friends of mine are getting married.  The Blushing Bride wants to shape up for her fall wedding.  She's got real motivation.  We're eating dinner together cause her Beau is studying to be an attorney and is in grad school .  All this is working in my favor.  BB's young, enthusiastic, just over all generally eager to get out and move.

I'm sleepy.  I'm pretty stoked.

My hips are sore.  My butt muscles feel something, I'm not quite sure what it is though.  I'm just glad it's feeling somethng more than numb.


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Mrs B. said...

Excellent job! :)

Amanda said...

Moving is a good thing. That then makes the scale move, which makes me celebrate hugely.

And having a walking partner who has serious motivation is awesome. I'm jealous :P