Monday, May 17, 2010

Cause and Effect


285.0 lbs


I am seriously considering a water fast.  At least for 24 hours.  I need SOMETHING to jumpstart the weightloss again.  I want SO badly to see the 70's I can't stand it! 

I've had three days of business travel hell.  I got up at 4:30 AM Wednesday morning and got home at 12:10 AM Friday night.  Well, actually, that would be Saturday morning.  What. A. Nightmare.  I was going to DC which is one of my all time fave places, but didn't get to enjoy the location once.  Sadface.

I have learned that two things affect food decisions:  Exhaustion and hangovers.

I was thrilled that I was making healthy choices on the food front.  I had a mushroom, mozzerrella, spinach sandwich (eating little bread) for lunch, and a mostly sensible dinner considering I was at a "dinner reception" and had no choice on the menu.  I did skip breakfast and had lunch in my room on Thursday which consisted of roasted peppers, spinach, feta and hummus on crostini (6 mini pieces) and a garden salad, dressing on the side.  I had a martini or two for dinner. 

I should tell you that I was meeting someone (two someones to be specific) for a business drink at the lobby bar and could find NOTHING healthy to snack on on the menu so I passed.  I have not partaken of more than one drink at a time since the big 30 party for SAG last month.

So, there I was, sitting at the lobby bar, waiting on my business persons to arrive.  I was early (shocker) and they were late (another shocker).  Well, I decided to have a beverage (cosmo) prior to their arrival.  Holy Moly. I hadn't had a cosmo that good in I can't remember. Truly.  Well, I'm finishing up my drink when the business duo arrives.  They order a round, as business people do, and before I know it, I'm on Martini #3. 

I have to go to the ladies' and at the point of walking to the ladies' and walking back, I realize that I have had nothing to eat for hours, what I did have to eat is long gone and I have had three of the strongest martinis ever served in DC.  Rookie Mistake.

Well, I went to bed early that night. 

I woke up Friday not feeling quite so great.  I had room service for breakfast.  That would be 2 eggs scrambled with cheese (most of it left on my plate) two pieces of bacon (all left on the plate) a carrot-raisin muffin (top eaten) and the best toasted bagel with cream cheese anb butter I've ever eaten.  Yeah, I ate the whole bagel.  With shmear and all! Oh, I also had two glasses of soymilk. 

I had a late flight and nothing to do with my luggage so I headed to the airport early.  At this point, I'm tired, perhaps slightly hungover, and just wanting to get home.  I ate dinner there.  I had a burger and fries.  And a coke.  So, 10 hours after getting to the airport, I finally land.  I'm taking a cab home and, I can't believe this, I asked him to drive through McD's because I'm hungry again.  I ordered a fish filet combo with a water.  I feel good about that water. 

I slept most of the day on Saturday and ordered a thin crust veggie pizza for dinner.  Sunday I was back on track.  I worked out with The Moms and had a very healthy food day and bought groceries for the next few weeks.  Publix had the most awesome icecream on's actually a Gelato.  Everything was healthy in my basket excepting those icecreams which were a B.O.G.O.F. deal.

I had a small scoop of that last night.

And I wonder why this weight isn't moving.


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1 comment:

Amanda said...

Well, remember too that your body can hold onto water weight for a bit too... and the cosmos plus the restaurant food and fast food are all prime candidates for causing water retention.

You're doing great -- just keep on with the eating correctly (one serving of gelato is NOT going to stop that scale -- not even one per DAY if you adjust for it elsewhere) and see what happens in a week.

Now I'll grant you, I'm saying this after half my younger son's bag of Chex mix mysteriously disappeared in my presence...