Friday, May 21, 2010

The Hate Side of My Love/Hate Relationship With The World Of Weight


278.2 lbs

*Warning:  Cranky JAFG Ahead*

I'm really not sure what to think.  Since this little bloggin space's inception, I've not been this low on the scale. 

I'm freakin happy! BUT...I have this overwhelming need to walk around and whisper I've lost 18 lbs because if I say it too loud, it might jinx it or something.  Like when people whisper *cancer* or *prison*.

So yeah, I've lost 18 lbs.  It's not a fluke like a 3 lbs fluctuation could be.  It's 18 solid lbs.  If someone asks me how I'm doing it I get to tell them "I'm doing it the old fashioned way:  Healthy Eating and Exercise".  No one wants to hear that, but it's the truth.  Now, IF there were some magic way to do this while being able to eat whatever whenever I wanted, and I didn't have to exercise, then, well, I bet I'd be doing that instead. 

My life's been very boring as of late.  I have no funny stories to share or even any to pull from in the right recent past.  I'm watching what I do for food religiously and tracking it all on myfitnesspal.  I'm weighing myself every morning and, this week, have just been sitting on my couch watching tv or checking FB at night.

I love routine and I hate it too!    Right now, I'm totally in an I-hate-it phase.  I'm in a rut/funk/ditch/somethin and I need a change.  I've really had to be a grown-up at work which, translated, means I'm not doing anything fun.  I need to blow off some steam.  I had plans to visit BFF and Her Hubbie this weekend, but had to cancel that.  Grr.  I've been disconnected from SAG and BB because everyone is just busy with l-i-f-e right now. 

On a good note, I am going to Beach Town the first week of June.  I'll be there for work, but I'm bringing BFF (it'll just be her and me) and we're staying in a fantab hotel ON the beach.  Even when I lived there, I never stayed ON the beach.  Well, there was that one Halloween weekend and then that random night one summer, but you know what I mean.  I'm really looking forward to that!

I've strained my knee from pushing too hard through HHH class and bouncing around and all that. You know how walking down the stairs is usually the easiest thing in the world? Yeah. Not for me. Not right now. I hate this.

Turns out all those crunching sounds that I've heard in my knee for years has been what they call runner's knee. Commonplace among runners and overweight people. Well, I'm not in the runner category in case you didn't know. Actually, while I've had this mild, unchecked version of this pain in my knee for at least two years back that I can remember, since I started exercising in like 0-to-60 mode I've had a serious flare-up.

It's treatable with stretches and "quad stengthening" and a brace and ice and Motrin which is fantastic (seriously-it's a mostly free treatment plan). I also will actually have to bounce LESS in HHH class and focus on not too much resistnence on my favorite elliptical.  I can't avoid The Stairs at least twice a day; however, I've been using the railing to ease things up a bit.   While I've really noticed that my knee pain has eased up as the week of inactivity I feel like the rest of me is rusting inside.  I also miss the extra calories that exersice affords me.  Trying to keep my caloric intake under 1300 is a real pain in the ass.

I'm exercising tonight, damnit


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In case you were wondering... said...

wow. Its so weird, but I know exactly how you feel I too, have lost about 18 lbs! and I, too, am scared to tell anyone. I keep jumping on the scale waiting for it to shoot back up into the 250s. As if this is an odd fluke.
I'm also shooting for 1300 calories, which is SUPER Difficult to do. im hungry on 1300 and I am even using an appetite suppressent (Meridia). So,good luck to us andI will be watching your progress! :--)

Amanda said...

Yeah, it's like you start hitting a certain number and you're hesitant to say anything because you don't want to jinx yourself.

I'm edging toward the 140's for the FOURTH time since I started this whole healthy lifestyle/ diet/ weight thing back in 2006. This one better be the last. That said, woke up with a sore throat this morning. Grrrr.

1300 calories per day? Oh I hate that! Now it's doable don't get me wrong... but it's a bitch. If you want any suggestions, though, I managed about that amount when I was on sedentary orders recovering from the stress fractures I had (speaking of which, did you get my email?).

You're doing the right thing for recovery. Hang in there :)

Duchess said...

I definitely have knee problems too and I'm a card carrying member of the Fatties Club :0) Good to know there are some stretches though that will help because it definitely discourages me from exercising more.