Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yin and Yang and Predictable Predicaments


279.2 lbs

Whew.  It's still not the 278.2 lbs it was on Friday, but I'll take it.

I finally broke the exercise drought this morning.  I woke up before 6:00am, got out of bed by 6:10 and was dressed and at Concierge Gym by 6:30.  Some chick was on my favorite elliptical which made me cuss.  I was a little nervous about trying to do exercise this morning because of my knee.  It went ok.  I had initially set the timer for 30 minutes, but ended up only doing 20.  It took me about 10 minutes to decide that my knee was ok so the last 10 minutes really worked up a sweat.  I kept the pace at "moderate" and was pretty happy when I finished.

It was nice to have that feeling of sweatiness again.  I'm not sure how to explain this really, but it does give one a sense of accomplishment.  Like instant gratification, even, because by sweating you know that you're pushing your body to be the best it can be and work like the machine it is.  Perhaps that's just the endorphins that are being released in my brain, but I love that feeling.  I'm amazed at how quickly I forgot just how great it feels to work up a good sweat. 

I've also realized something else.  I appreciate my healthy eating habits a whole helluva lot more when I have exercise in the mix.  It's not just the extra calories that I get to add to my "net count" or whatever that it, it's like the yin/yang affect or something.  Like knowing that one is working to help the other one.  Pretty darn cool.

And in other news....

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in case you didn't know. If I actually have readers from outside of the USA and/or you don't know what Memorial Day holiday is, well, it's a day we honor all those who have fallen in the service of our country. I always hang Old Glory on this day.

It's also a day of Bar-B-Que and Beer. Not nearly as noble, but equally steeped in tradition.

BB and Her Beau invited me out to Lakehouse for M Day this year. I'm on the fence about going.  Of course I'm fretting the whole Bathing Suit + Friends combo, but it's not nearly as bad as it was for Labor Day. I see this as progress. It's encouraging. I've exercised with the kids as A Unit (everything is pretty much "A Unit" with these two) and they totally heart me for me, there's no doubt. I'm just trying to play out in my head what I'll be doing. I also know that they'll be out of town and since I've rejoined the apartment dwellers, I don't have a grill and theirs will be available for use. Yep. What I've got here is a predicament. I've still got a few days before I have to really make my mind up. 

On a good note, I am 5.8 lbs lighter than I was last time I was at their place.



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Happy Fun Pants said...

I know exactly what you mean about having a good sweat be SO motivating.

It's strange how we all start to crave that sort of exercise and general feeling of good health.

I can't wait to see you shrink! :)

Leslie Limon said...

I'm starting to love that feeling of sweatiness! It makes me feel good, knowing that I'm doing something good for me! :)

Keep up the good work and you will be much healthier. :)

I'm Just Another Fat Girl -jafg said...

Thanks Ladies! You're the best!


Anonymous said...

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