Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Better Living Through Medication


277.8 lbs

Ok.  It's not at bad as I really thought it would be.  And that's with wet hair and underwears.  Which are black, by the way.  Both tops and bottoms.

I did get my workout done with BB on Monday.  I'm pushing for another one today.  I'm holding out for 20 minutes this time since I did 15 minutes last time.  I've got a shit-ton going on right now and don't know if I'll get to it, though.

Actually, I am overwhelmed with stress at this particular moment in time.  Over. Whelmed. 

Work.  Home.  Family.  Money.  Weight.  Exercise.  Food.  Time.

I'm trying not to eat my way through it.  Very hard to do.

Let's focus on the positive for a moment.  I got my labs back and I lowered my cholesterol! 

I've got bad coronary genes.  I just do.  So when I factor in all the overweightness and bad eating (forget stress), I have a recipe for an early demise.  Well, I take a pill now for my cholesterol and I've also been eating healthy and exercising (with the past month and a half as an exception) so I've done really great.  Let me tell you just how great.  Here are my overall numbers from last January and this June.

Last January:  Cholesterol=360 mg/dL
This June:       Cholesterol=216 mg/dL

Ladies and Gents!  I am officially in the normal range of High Cholesterol!  I'm no longer in the "How the hell are you walking and not dying of a heart attack at this very moment?!" range of High Cholesterol!  Awesome!  Awesome-Awesome! 

However.......There's this new thing that They use now to track the risk of heart disease: hs-CRP levels.  Apparently the optimal range for hs-CRP is 1-2 mg/L.  Mine's a 15 mg/L.

Fuckin Genes.


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Amanda said...

Genes suck. Mine have started with the arthritic/ craptastic joint thing already. They already nuked my haircolor.

But WTG on the cholesterol levels -- that rocks!

Drazil said...

That's awesome - look at those numbers! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Amazing!! Good work!

Christine said...

Hey! I gave you a blog award!! check it out here: I'll be back to read more, later!

Catherine said...

Awesome job on lowering your cholesterol! It's sooo hard to avoid snacking and eating crap when things are stressful and, frankly, I fail just about every time. But I always strive to get better! You are doing GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of your hard work and just alittle fyi, those really bad genes don't come from the mom!!!! ;-) love ya sweetie!!!!