Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help Wanted


278.6 lbs

I didn't  weigh today.  That was yesterday.

Firstly, I don't know why it's been so long since I posted!  I haven't even tweeted any pithy comments and thoughts.  I hope you all didn't completely forget I was here.  Well.  I'm still alive.  And kicking.  Figuratively speaking anyway.

I haven't exercised in weeks.  WEEKS.  I have been taking the stairs at work as often as possible.  When I'm really hot, though, I still take that elevator.  The Mom came for a visit this week and it was great to see her.  I made some effin awesome meals.  They were healthier than they could have been (I made a bechamel sauce with 1% milk rather than heavy cream or half & half).

I'm rambling at the moment.  Sorry about that.

Let's get down to business, shall we?  I need two things from you, Bloggin Buddies.  Firstly, I need some workout accountability partners and I need them stat.  I can't seem to make the choice to get moving on my own.  I know I should be, but I'm not.  It's not that I can't, but I won't and I don't have a reason why except for laziness 9or something like it anyway).  I can always find something else to do other than exercise. Damnit.  I'm even ok with opening up my super secret fat girl identity to, say, work out together virtually where I check in and out with Exercise via my nifty cellular phone texting tools.  I'm talking one-on-one here, not Twitter of Facebook.  Although, my email's blowing up with friend requests.  I need to respond to those, too.  I'm so behind on jafg stuff.  I  digress.  You see how easy that happens?  This is why I need that accountability partner.

On to Thing Two.  I signed up for Match(dot)com.  Well, I haven't paid yet, but I did post a profile.  I got three emails since starting my account last week so I think I'm gonna upgrade.

I thought I'd share my long ass bio with you people so you can tell me if I'm datable.  Cause it's been so long I forgot what you actually do on a date.  Really.  So, here goes...

You know, one of the hardest things to do is describing yourself for a dating site. Or any other interview-type situation, really. So, hmmm…Well, I love soymilk. How’s that for a beginning? :o)

I am what you might call a social butterfly. I wouldn’t say I'm the life of the party, but I certainly do love to socialize! I've got a close network of friends both here and [geographical locations omitted]

I'm serious about work and about my free time. My friends are important to me so a person that blends well with them is also important. I would also hope to fit well into his circle of friends. There's tons of [college] sports in my local crew so if that's what he's into, he'll be welcomed with open arms. While I'm not a diehard fan, I do enjoy a good sporting event. Although, I'd rather watch a [college] football game on TV rather than in person. Just so you know.

Let's just clear the air on physical appearance. I'll be the first to admit that I can appreciate a good looking guy (or girl, really. I think Scarlett Johansson has a terrific body!). I understand (and think) that there's got to be that phisycal attraction between two people. So, I want to be completely up front with you on this. I am a plus-size girl. I’m 34; it’s not news to me. I’m comfortable in my own skin, but I’m also embarking on a new healthy path. Facing 35 makes one think about these things. I joined the YMCA in June and learned that there’s nothing like getting your rear handed to you after an intense workout.

For me, genuine is key. My match will be family-oriented and independent. He'll be full of life and maybe just a bit deviant. :-) I’m really hoping to find someone that will completely appreciate me for who I am right now and will also be encouraging for where I want to be. It’s my goal to be that same person for my “person”.

If you're interested in just hanging out (which is welcomed!), or in finding out if something may click, please let me know! (I'm not upgrading my account until I know there is some interest.)

Oh, and I’ve got to be honest with you here, I’m usually about 15-20 minutes behind schedule. Well, that’s true as long as “usually” means always.

Other than that, I wish you the best of luck in your search!


Well, there you have it.  Let me know what you really think about this.  Also, I need that virtual workout buddy. 

My new dating life depends on it.


Katy at Project Look Good Naked gave me a Versatile Blogger award!  Forever I never get an award and now, I get two in one month!

Thank you Katy!

P. P. S.:
Holy. Timeline.  I just realized that I celebrated my 1 year bloggin anniversary.  Like, literally.  Just Now.  Celebrate with me by reading that first one again.


kimert said...

First of all, YES you are absolutely datable. Period.

Second, I would love to help you stay accountable with the whole exercise thing. shoot me a reply to this comment and we can come up with something! :)

I'm Just Another Fat Girl -jafg said...

Aw! Thank you! I'll be emailing you soon to work out our details.

You Rock!


Roxie said...

I liked your little "intro." I hope you have some good catches responding! I met my husband online. Not through a dating site, but in a very nerdlike way. We met playing a game online ha!

Anyway, I am horrible with working out too. I can find 101 reasons why I don't want to go down to my basement to sweat.

Maybe we can motivate each other to get something done?

Christine said...

1.) NIX the part about being late. No need to mention frivolous negatives.

2.) I like the part about liking sports stuff.

3.) I like the deviant part. :-)

4.) NIX the part about not upgrading your account until you "know there is some interest."

Anonymous said...

Whoot! I'll call you out on the carpet about exercising!

I stopped by the Y last night on the way home and took a three mile speed walk on the treadmill. Man I love that thing. Beats the heck out of walking outdoors when it's a hundred bazillion degrees. Does your Y have Body Pump classes? I peeked in on one, and it looks intersting....

I'm Just Another Fat Girl -jafg said...

Thanks for the feedback!

Roxie, Angela Pea, I'll be sending you kids emails about the workout support.



Catherine said...

Good for you, girlfriend! You are SUCH a catch! Love the description!

Anonymous said...

the Mom

Amanda said...

I'll be happy to join the "Keep JAFG Accountable" group! I have to haul myself back on the treadmill and elliptical anyway, after 10 days off.

Plus I could really use someone to nag me, in turn, about just doing my damned resistance/ weight exercises already.

I might be a bit off-track myself, you see...

As for the bio, I think it's awesome! If you don't meet the right guy with that degree of forthrightness and wit, the men in your area are utter morons.

I'm Just Another Fat Girl -jafg said...

Amanda, I Heart You!

And the rest of you crazy kids, too!