Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Musings


278.4 lbs

Technically, that belongs to yesterday since I didn't weigh today.

Right now I was Starbucks SO BAD.  I'm going to settle for a coffee from downstairs with powdered creamer (read empty calories and a little bit of fat) and a splenda.  Whatever.

I feel somewhat returned to the land of the living.  I don't have that super stressed feeling that's been sitting on me for like the past month.  I took a few days, put things on paper, and see now that the sky isn't actually falling.  So now what?

I totally binged on fast food breakfast Sunday.  There's my weekend confession.  I had been out having an adult beverage or two the night before and totally caved to the temptation.  It's been a long while and it was good.  I'm glad that's out of my system.

Well, yesterday I bought groceries.  I meal planned and ended up with one guilty pleasure for which I totally do NOT feel bad about, stuff to make baked tacos.  It's made with flour tortillas.  I also got lean ground turkey and will have plenty lettuce and tomato for the top.  I did get low fat sour cream.  I don't believe in fat free unless it's naturally occuring.  That's just me.   Other than that, I have some beautiful sweet potatoes, lean centercut pork chops, chicken cutlets and thighs.  Also, I have plenty of steam bag veggies which last longer.  I hate it when I don't use my produce and have to throw it away.

Speaking of spoiling produce, I've signed up for a veggie co-op program and am looking forward to my first delivery this week. Not only will I be supporting local farms, but I will also be getting food that is SO fresh. I can't wait! It's costing me about $150 a month with weekly deliveries. That isn't bad for fresh organic locally grown produce. I'll let you know how it goes.

So I was inspired by JewliaGoulia's Friday post in which she laid out her pantry and fridge details.  She had all pre-portioned pre-prepared food for her easy access.  I decided I can do something similar too.  I got two pieces of watermelon ($.80 each!!!) and chopped them up.  It was a great evening snack because it's so sweet and succulent.  Plus, that $1.60 worth of watermelon will totally last me through the week (as long as it doesn't go bad)!

Well, BB's bachelorette party is set for the weekend of August 13.  We were going to the beach, but in light of all the oil issues, we've opted for New Orleans in stead.  Awesome!  I can't imagine what kind of trouble will ensue. 

I'm  setting aside bail money, just in case.


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Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Try Frozen watermelon! Tastes like a yummy Popsicle and it won't ruin!