Tuesday, September 22, 2009

But I Didn't Post


???.? lbs

I can't even provide a good estimation for you today, boys and girls.

I travel in a week.  Travel days suck.  We'll see.

As you can tell, I've been silent on the bloggin front for awhile.  Fuhgeddabout the weekend posting I was so planning on doing this weekend.  Totally didn't happen in case you didn't know.  Crap.  I couldn't even get motivated to sit on my arse and type in a blog this weekend. I did get some things done around the abode which have been neglected since company last weekend.  It was great.  But I didn't post.

Friday I went grocery shopping on my lunch.  I bought Mac 'n' Cheese and Fried Veggie Sticks from the "hotbar" and that was my lunch.  I am very proud to say, though, that I did not buy the Blue Box MnC which often times can find its way into my grocery cart.  It's a guilty pleasure of mine.  Like cereal at night.  I eat cereal like ice cream.  I try to buy Kashi most of the time, but sometimes Golden Grahams or Lucky Charms come to visit.  I also don't eat cereal in a bowl, I eat it from a coffee cup, like my ice cream.  Which I haven't bought in a while.  Yea me!

Cereal and ice cream got me going off on a tangent...

As I was saying, I went grocery shopping on Friday during my lunch break.  This was strategic since the grocery by work was having the best of the sales and I didn't want to grocery-hop this time.  I got bone-in chicken breasts and drum sticks.  Dark meat isn't the healthiest, but baked, it's still not too bad.  My freezer is stocked with chicken parts.  Yum. 

I also got the lean ground chuck which I used some of to make Tacos on Saturday.  I like to get the really lean ground beef like the 94%-6% ratio.  I couldn't find it and Grocery was having a good sale on the family pack "lean" ground chuck.  Turns out this stuff isn't so lean.  The ratio is like 85%-15%.  Yikes.  I cooked the hell out of it, and then drained it off and rinsed the hell out of it, too.  I hope that helped.  I'd like to think it did. 

Anyway, I did this grocery shopping on Friday because I felt a need to unplug coming on.  That means cell phones and computers off, My Friends.  I didn't want to venture out from the apartment once I got home. I like those weekends as much as I like the very sociable weekends.  It was great. But I didn't post.

I'm not lazy when these moods strike, it's almost the opposite.  I start "nesting", know what I mean?  I clean, vaccuum, wash dishes, organize piles, wash clothes, redecorate, that sort of thing.  Most people probably do these on a very regular basis, I do it just enough to make the house livable chaos.  Sometimes, though, toilets just need to be scrubbed.  So I get busy.  This also means, that I'm most likely not going to change out of the jammies until about 6:00pm and then it's just to feel like I got dressed that day. 

I started washing clothes, sheets, towels, and such Friday when I got home.  After I walked up The Stairs twice with damn groceries.  That sucked.  Anyway, my washer was going all weekend (not contsantly, mind you, but I did wash all weekend).  I vaccummed up the bedroom, dusted a bit, and watched Movies on Demand.  It was great. But I didn't post. 

I didn't do the one thing that I wanted to which was try to keep motivated about weight stuff, instead, I unplugged from it.  I was active, I moved, I wasn't just glued to my couch, but I didn't lose poundage this weekend either.  I most likely gained.  I'll be confirming that tomorrow. 

I always drive by the complex gym on my way home and have really started to feel guilty about not being in there.  I've got to do something.  I've got to take action.  I'm running out of excuses to talk about me and my fat and it's starting to weigh on me!  Egad!  Now I have emotional weight, too!?  What the hell?!  My ass isn't enough for me to carry around?!?! 

Something's gotta give here.

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1 comment:

Amanda said...

I hear what you're saying -- it can make you about want to rip your hair out while you're wanting that motivation to finally kick you in the seat.

That said, I totally LOL'd upon reading "My ass isn't enough for me to carry around?!?!" Danged near choked on my afternoon chocolate too. You've got a way with words, chica :)