Thursday, August 5, 2010

Four Days Down. Three To Go.


279.2 lbs

I can't tell you how happy I am to see those 80's disappear.  They really scared me.  I don't ever want to see them again.  Not on this side of 200, anyway.

So I totally kicked some elliptical ass last night with Amanda. She has a serious workout plan.  She does lunges and upper body work and lower body work and treadmill work and she's crazy.  Just sayin.  She sent me a picture of her mid-workout.  I sent one of me post-workout.  We shared sweaty pictures.  Which sounds worse than it really was.

I did 30 minutes which burned 300 calories and 2 miles.  Yea!  I've never sweat so much in my life.  Sweat was dripping, dripping off my arms.  My arms!  It literally was running down my face.  I couldn't wipe my face fast enough toward the end.  That was cool, actually.  I kept tabs on my pulse (thanks Cardio Class teacher!) and stayed below 30.  I did intervals of 5 minutes fast, 2.5 minutes slower, 5 minutes fast and so forth.  Toward the end, all I could do was a constant moderate. 

I had a bit of a mishap, though.  My kneecap locked on me a few times cause I pushed my speed just a bit much.  I was in the "Rocky Moment" meaning I was all gung-ho and wanted to push myself to the limit.  This means, of course, that I went past the limit and now it keeps doing it.  Anyone got a remedy for this?

So today is my day with Roxie.  Poor Roxie.  Somehow along our quick communications, I completely forgot to give her my number.  She faithfully did her workout this morning without any wexting.  I feel bad.  Sorry, Foxie!  Fortunately it's been remedied.  She has my number and I have hers (which I had and I still didn't text.  Bad jafg!) and she'll be wexting me tonight.  Roxie's got her own 30 day challange she's giving herself.  Mosey on over and read about it. 

Well, tonight I have a date with my Wii. I'll have to dust it off and see if I remember how to turn it on.  I'm trying a new game.  It's "My Fitness Coah".  If I don't like it, I'll go to the Boxing in Wii Sports.  LOVE the boxing.  And the swordplay for that matter.  Both tend to get the heart going a bit.  Especially the boxing.  I also have the She-devil workout-also known as Jenny McCarthy Your Shape-but I don't think my arms and legs can take that this time.  I'm feeling this 7-day challenge.

Everybody, please locate your hips.  Now, move your hands down just slightly where they are now resting on the top outter portion of your thighs.  I'm not talking the side of your thigh, I'm talking still on the top but toward the outer part.  Did you find it?  Guess what.  There's a muscle there.  I had to look it up.  I didn't know it exsisted until this week.  Especially today.  Every time I stand up from a sitting position, this little thing screams at me.  Very loudly I might add.  Funny enough, it's not when I sit, just when I stand.  Really, it's not that funny.

Tomorrow I'm going to see about another class at the Y.  Either that, or I'll be hitting the elliptical again.

I am so looking forward to my eighth day.



kimert said...

YAy for you!!! I am so proud of you for kicking the ellipitcal's assss. Keep it up girlfriend and you will be out of the 70s soon too! :)

I attempted to send you a pic message yesterday of my lunch. It said it didn't go thru on my end..booo! I wanted to prove that I stayed 100% OP for my lunch! :) And today I said goodbye 180s, hello 170s (again!). Shoo, I hope I can stay there!

Roxie said...

You know this VWB thing, made me really drag my butt downstairs this morning. I thought I could just slack a bit and sleep in longer, but I didn't. So, even though we wexted after my work out, it worked out!

I was too busy sweating all over the basement to use my phone anyway.

I'll have to try the Wii Boxing, that sounds like fun. Hope your weird thigh/hip muscle feels better soon. Drink lots of water today!

I'm Just Another Fat Girl -jafg said...

Shout outs to my VWB crew! I heart you gals!

Kimert I almost sent you a picture of my lunch. I was out with SAG. She had mac n cheese and fried chichen pieces, I had an avocado BLT (no mayo) and a salad. Yea me!

Roxie, you should SO try that boxing. It really does get the heart rate going (for me anyway) and I laugh my ass off which works my abs, too. ;-)


Amanda said...

That avocado BLT sounds awesome! I heart avocado, and I even more heart avocado and bacon together.

Must get on the evil elliptical again! All you ladies rock!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Good for you!

I have issues with the elliptical. It makes my knees feel funny, all sort of wobbly.

Body Pump was GREAT! There was a lot of focus on upper body strength, which I need to work on anyway. The lunges were awful, painful, but they only lasted a few minutes.

The best part was feeling like a Tough Guy trowing that weight bar around. Yeah. Me. Tossing a weight bar. Teen Daughter just laughed...

christine said...

Ice those muscles that hurt! Or, er, maybe heat them. I forget. Hmm. But do something...having painful muscles is not a good thing, not in the joints like you're talking about! Great job working out, and congrats on the 70's!