Monday, August 9, 2010

A New Day


276.4 lbs

Yippee!  I actually made it through the weekend and L-O-S-T weight.  I am almost to my lowest point on this blog again.  This is a moment to celebrate. 

I love Nina Simone.  I love this song.  It seems appropriate and I hope you'll all take it with you through the week.

I'm happy to report that the VWBs all celebrated great things over the weekend.  Angela Pea rocked out a class at the Y on Friday.  Roxie kicked jogging's ass on Sunday.  Kimert killed 6 miles on Saturday.  Amanda conquered the elliptical, too.

I, on the other hand, was down for the count.  All weekend.  Before you get all sadfaced and let down because I didn't make it though my 7-day challenge, I must tell you that I had a 24-hour stomach bug (which may have been brough on by the egg drop soup I made for the first time) and...(queue "dreadful" music)...a UTI. 

The positives. I've never consumed so much water in my freakin life.

The negatives. BB's bachelorette party is this weekend. I can't consume alcoholic beverages for two weeks (thank you, Antibiotics). I'll be playing the role of Mother Hen this weekend, I guess. Sigh.

Can you say UGH?  I'm glad to know that Friday wasn't just a punked out day.  I was feeling a bit bad that I didn't hit my finish line.  Once I realized that my body was busy addressing other issues, well, I felt a little better about it.  See, the challenge wasn't to prove that I could be active for 7 days straight, it was to build momentum.  And it's done that.  I've done that.  Me and my VWBs!

So.  Today is a new day.  It's a new week and a new game plan for the VWBs.  Right now, I'm not up for a lot of movement.  This does not mean that I'm off the wagon.  I am simply going to focus extra hard on eating right and drinking plenty of water.  As a matter of fact, that is my VWB gameplan this week. 

I want to know that the girls are doing their workouts as needed.  That means Kimert and her morning sessions, Pea and her Y classes, Roxie and her jogging/BL sessions, and Amanda and her strength training.

What I need this week is encouragement to continually drink water and eat right.  Stay the course.  Keep the momentum.

'Cause I'm feeling good.  Sort of.



Roxie said...

The loss aside, which is very exciting in itself, I'm glad you are feeling better. Take it easy, get your body healthy and get back to kicking ass.

I had no clue you couldn't drink while on antiobiotics. Talk about clueless on my part. I'm sure I screwed up a few scripts in the past that way haha.

kimert said...

Ugh. I suck. Our weekend was one big stressful mess. We had car issues all weekend long. I did not make it to the gym to run my 6. :( I failed.

But I am soooo flippin' happy for you and your fantastic weight loss! Kickin' bootay! ;)

Sorry you are sickly but thank goodness for antibiotics.

I did not do a morning workout this morning. I was late to bed last night, again due to car issues.. I know right. But we got home soo late and I had to deal with getting the kids showered and in bed plus getting lunches packed and clothes ironed. I have a running plan scheduled for tonight and then home to get dinner, kids done (you know all the fun stuff I just mentioned) and will hope on the Wii once they're down for the count.

Gosh, I should've blogged all that, huh!? LOL Anyway, tell me to suck it up and admit to being a failure on my blog!!

I'm Just Another Fat Girl -jafg said...

@Foxie: Firstly, some antibiotics aren't as bad as others, and most of them don't mind moderate. I know of no bachelorette party that would ever be moderate.

@Kimert: Just because you aren't "running" or popping on the Wii, doesn't mean you aren't burning calories. It sounds like you burned quite a bit just being a Mom! Personally, having watched enough of you Moms in action, those calorie-burns are twice the workout than anything I've ever done.

There is no failure in VWB land! Only modified plans.


snoconegirl said...

you can do it..drink alot of water..just take a 24 ounce bottle and drink it 3 times and you will have plenty..get to feeling good..kelli

Amanda said...

I'm glad you're feeling better -- you were really not doing well at the end of last week, bless your heart!

This weekend I... well, Saturday was a loss. I had a baby shower in the morning and a covered dish dinner (for my SparkPeople group, no less) in the evening. I ate well. VERY well. And with all the running around I was doing, my poor elliptical and treadmill were both lonely.

Sunday, I washed the bed linens and the towels? Oh, and I went and grocery shopped. Good news is, at least my food intake was on track. I made this awesome spicy chickpea recipe, and considering my usual hatred of any legume that isn't pureed into near-unrecognizability (i.e., pea soup, hummus, and falafel = good; chili, refried beans, black beans = bad), that was indeed a momentous event.

So the weekend was overall a marginal win, lack of formal exercise notwithstanding :)

Better run -- time to get on that elliptical!

Drazil said...

Yay on the loss. Yay on feeling better. Yay YOU!

Christine said...

Uhhh I'm very glad to hear that you're feeling better...not so poopish, not so UTI-ish. Better. Sorry that you can't drink this weekend tho! But consider...non-drinking is way better for the diet, n'est pas?

misssarahlou said...

Woohoo on the loss! Just a reminder to keep drinking that water! You can do it...if you are struggling make little challenges for yourself (e.g. drink a full bottle with your breakfast, a full bottle before lunch etc), make it a little more interesting (drink one bottle then drink a glass with a nice straw and a fancy wedge of lime/lemon in the style of a cocktail)...trick yourself, lol.