Tuesday, August 3, 2010



???.? lbs

[I have no idea; I didn't weigh today.]

JAFG:  [insert picture of elliptical machine]  Guess where I am!

(20 minutes later)

JAFG:  I think I got heat rash on my arrse from that little session.

JAFG: No kidding

Kimmert:  LOL ouch!

JAFG:  I know.  Can't wait till I get home and sit on an icepack. :)

Kimmert:  I've had chubrub on the thighs before and learned bodyglide is my friend!!

JAFG:  Oooh what is that???And "chubrub" <===hahahahaha!

Kimmert:  Looks like deodorant.  Get it at Dicks sporting goods, runners use it to prevent chaffing. It's great! The Bodyglide, not the chubrub ;)

JAFG:  Dunno...seems like under the right circumstances chubrub might not be so bad...

Ah, another fabulous benefit of VWBs:  Workout texting.  Or, WEXTING.  Keeps things fun!

So Angela Pea is my VWB of the day.  I'm hitting a new cardio class at the gym tonight.  Yup.  Me and my heat rash.

Fun times, indeed.



Christine said...

No way in hell I could wext. I'm lucky I can see straight/breathe/jog in a straight line/etc. Something that takes delicate skill, much less multi-tasking, is right out for me!

I'm glad it brings you happiness and joy during your workout!

kimert said...

haha love it! It's just as funny today as yesterday! The convo - not the rash! Hope it is better today!
Yay for you and a new cardio class!! Can't wait to hear about that and "see" you bright 'n early (your time, not mine!).

I'm Just Another Fat Girl -jafg said...

It should be stated for the record that I only text before and after workouts. If the instructor gives me a break during cardio hell, Angie Pea will get a progress report.


Anonymous said...

LOL!! That's right...before and after, not during. I'd probably trip over my feet and fall off the treadmill if I tried to text and move at the same time.

So - how WAS the class?? The body pump class at our Y is on Thursday night. I've already roped my teen daughters into going with me to try it.

Bodyglide? Gotta get me some.