Monday, August 2, 2010

My Girl Friday


281.6 lbs


So, it's a good thing I wasn't lying about The Game Plan.  I got a lot of responses from that little teaser post. 

I also got a lot of responses from Help Wanted.  I want to thank each of you on the feedback on my dating bio.  I made some recommended changes and we'll see how it goes.  I signed up for three months.  90 days should be enough to tell me if it's working.  I'll be sure to share all the lovely ups and downs of that experience.  Who Knows.  Maybe it'll lead to another blog.

Well. I want to begin by saying that having followers is inspirational.  Having commenters is, like, unbelieveable. My interaction with my Tweeple is always heartwarming and fun.  I count you all as my support system and it's so great to know you're out there cheering me on.  I'm cheering for you too! (Even though I did lose a follower over the weekend.  Sadface.) 

But, sometimes I need a little bit more.  Which is why I sent out the bat signal last week.  What I need is someone(s) to prod me with a cattle poker and make sure I'm getting off my ass when I'm supposed to.  That means in the morning when I'd rather be in bed, or at night when I'd rather be watching TV.  Or you know, all the other times I need that motivation.  SAG is very wrapped up in tennis (she does all these tourneys which is great for her, but she never works out at the gym now) and BB is wrapped up with wedding stuff and is working out with Her Beau.  That leaves me with myself.  And between you and me, I can rationalize my way out of anything.  And I mean Anything. 

Well that leads us up to The Game Plan.  I'd like to introduce you to Team JAFG.  Please say hello to my little friends!

My Gal Monday

My Gal Tuesday
Angela Pea

My Gal Wednesday

My Gal Thursday

These beauties are my virtual workout buddies (henceforth known as VWBs).  I was hoping for one and I got four!  That's one for every workout.  I'm giving each VWB my cell number and my name and we're doing real time one on one support.  There are still some details to work out.  Scheduling, Planning, Emailling and whatnots.  As a matter of fact, Kimmert and I started this morning.  We decided on 5:45am morning workout.  Well, it turns out that Kimmert's 5:45 is about an hour before mine is.  "How?" you ask?  Well, she's an Eastern girl and I'm a Central girl.  Fortunately, I slept through her first text.  It's quite funny really. 

Let's talk about that weight you see up there.  I ate food like it was facing extinction this weekend.  Friday night I had BBQ for takeout.  Saturday, I hit up fast food breakfast and then went to a wedding Saturday  night.  A Catholic Wedding.  At 7:00pm. With an open bar.  We left the reception (which had a shrimp and grits bar among other things) around 11:30 and hit an "after party".  It was at a neighborhood hang out.  It's always great to show up to one of those places all dressed up in about 4 cars.  We stayed there until it closed and then a smaller group headed to an "after hours" place.  Needless to say, I didn't get home until after 4:00am (which, btw, would be 5:00am Kimmert time).  I don't know if I told you this before, but I have a party rule:  If you're home before 4:00am it's still the night before; if you're home after 4:00am it's the next day.  I didn't know I still had it in me to be honest.

A night of one too many leads to a day of poor eating choices.  You may not understand this, but that's ok; you don't really need to.  My Hangover required two things:  A breakfast burrito and a creamy milky something.  I opted for a milkshake.  When you feel like I did, you have to listen to what Hangover wants.  And then, a nap (read as coma) with Kitty on the couch and then a creamy pasta dish from Macaroni Grill for dinner.  YIKES. I am choosing not to think about the calories and saturated fat content of all the digestables I had.  Actually I don't have to.  I simply had to get on the scale this morning.

I'm not beating myself up because I did get up this morning.  It wasn't exactly 5:45.  After realizing that Kimmert had already done her workout before God was awake, I rationalized myself to sleep until 6:45.  Then I laid in bed with open eyeballs and finally forced myself up 10 minutes later (6:55am).  I knew I didn't have time for my 30 minutes of Elliptical.  I didn't puss out though. I made myself do something that I never never ever do.  I did crunches.  Twenty of those bastards.  I have so much junk in my front-trunk that I forget I even have  abdominal muscles so this has been a real shock to the system.  I then did 5 pushups.  Yes, they were girl push-ups or "Pink Push-ups" as I like to call them, but still, I did them.  And then I did these 5 bicycle exercise things.  It's where you're on your back and you lift your legs up like you'd be sitting on a bike.  You then push one leg straight leaving the other at a 90* angle.  You hold the position for like 10 seconds and then you rotate legs.  Two leg movements one count.  It's a lot harder than you may realize. My thigh muscles are talking to me a bit this afternoon.

Since Angela Pea and I both use the YMCA for our gyms, she's my gym VWB.  That way, I can text her from the class and not feel like I'm all alone in that big scary room.  It'll be on Tuesdays after work. My choices are Body Pump or Cardioenergy.  Truth be told, I'm a little scared of both of these.  They sound like a real ass kicker.  I'm open to suggestions on which of the two I should take.  I'm also going to wear a sleeveless shirt.  Maybe.

I'm still working out the details about Wednesday and Thursday (pretty much those two gals are learning about their official team placement through this blog...Hi Ladies!).  Amanda as indicated something about weights and resistance training.  I have those circuit machines that perhaps we can work out a routine on. 

This doesn't mean that I'm only in contact with my VWBs on the assigned days. Oh no.  We'll be in contact on a very regular basis.  Via texts, emails, what-have-yous.  This just helps me really stay on track and  keep the variety going.

You may be wondering about the other days of the week.  Well, when I was exercising before I didn't have a problem getting to the Concierge Gym on Saturday or Sunday.  Which brings me to

My Gal Friday
BB has indicated a workout this evening may be possible so I'm planning on hitting the elliptical tonight.

My pants fit too tightly not to.



Amanda said...

It's a PICTURE!!! And if my reading comprehension is hosed, my pardons, but it appears your Friday buddy is you, yourself... and how cute are you?

I love putting faces to blogs. I don't *have* to, mind you... but it's fun to see who we've been reading about/ talking to all this time :)

Wednesday is ON. Just email me and we'll get this puppy rolling.

Roxie said...

This is so awesome! Thursday's are PERFECT for me. I get my best work out in because I'm not due into work until 10am ;)

I'm also an eastern gal (born and raised central...)but it will be easy peasy!

You are too cute girly. We are all going to so rock this thing.

kimert said...

First of all, HELLO pretty girl!!! :) So glad to see a face to put with the name of my new workout pal! And this post totally made me giggle. So, sorry about the time mess...teehee! And I am SO proud of you for going outside your comfort zone and tackling those pesky exercises. You can do it! I'm so happy to be your Monday Gal and part of team JAFG!!

I'm Just Another Fat Girl -jafg said...

Ladies! You're making me blush! I'm super psyched about our little team. Thanks so much for stepping up and helping a sistah out.

Roxie, I'll be emailing you and Amanda tomorrow for Wednesday and Thursday plans.

<3 hugs!


Lor said...

wahoo! you can dooo ittt!!