Monday, August 16, 2010

An Unexpected Turn


276.2 lbs

Ok.  For the record: Saturday morning said 273.6 lbs and Sunday afternoon said 273.0 lbs.  To say this morning was a disappointment would be an understatement. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the box of macaroni and cheese I ate for dinner last night or the gallon or so of Royal Flush shots consumed over the weekend.

You know I have a little weight tracker at the bottom of my blog.  I doubt it gets any facetime because, well, it's at the bottom of my blog.  Esthetically speaking it's the best place for it; however, it really isn't when it comes to viewability.
Anyway, I wanted to show it to you that it's been on a steady downward trend since I started back up in March.  I've been living healthy, relatively speaking, for 5 months and have lost 20-23 lbs.  It could have been more had I been really sticking to things.  I mean really staying on task.  However. 

I have been looking at this whole thing as a change in my life.  I'm living differently.  I'm not on a diet.  I am eating healthy food, not diet food (I don't buy into the whole "fat-free" marketing.  I believe natural is better.  Ingredients are more important than nutritional info to me.  Having said that, I heart I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray.) I am exercising.  I'm trying to drink more water.

I also eat pizza and boxed macaroni 'n' cheese.  I drink my fair share of adult beverages.  I opt to stay in my PJs and watch movies all day instead of exercising.  Basically, I'm living a normal life.  I'm living a lifestyle that I can maintain and isn't unduly burdensome to me.  Well, exercising is almost always annoying. But that aside, I know I've got a path set in front of me that works.  For me. 

I have no idea why my blog took this path today.  Perhaps it's because I saw a 3 lb jump on the scale.  Or maybe because I'm still hung over and a bit pensive.  I dunno.  I had a hell of a weekend and will be sharing as much of the details that I dare for your reading pleasure tomorrow.

I will also be in touch with all my VWBs and working out again this week.

Well.  Starting tomorrow.



kimert said...

First of all, I am glad you blogged! Secondly, forget the number on the scale for now. And finally, you did NOT lose 20-23 lbs by sitting on your ass drinking adult beverages, while watching movies in your pj's all day. ;) Keep pressing onward my friend and the next 20 will fall right off!! Now, text me soon and let's set up a plan like we did 2 weeks ago!!! I need it and I bet you do, too!

Roxie said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend none the less.

We'll rock this week. You'll see!

Anonymous said...

Hello darling! Yes, I'm still reading you and cheering for you even though I'm pretty quiet on the blogging front these days.

Is there any possible way you could force yourself to stay off the scale for just one week?

Continue living as you are (because the other readers are did NOT lose this weight by sitting on your arse and drinking while watching TV) but just stay off the scale.

For instance, I did an experiment once and I ate a huge salty meal and weighed myself the next day. I was up FOUR pounds! By the week's end, however, I'd lost two and a half.

Weight fluctuates daily by quite a bit. I used to be a daily weigh person and nearly drove myself insane!

Either way, I'm cheering you on! To hell with the number. As long as the progression is ultimately downward, you're a success story!


Anonymous said...

Hey JAFG!! I wondered where you were...

Yeah, ignore the scale this morning. A person's weight can fluctuate up to five pounds a day depending on food and beverage consumption, sweating, exercise, injury, moon phase, tidal currents and the attitude of aliens on Mars. All sarcasm aside, the important thing is to see the constant downward trend OVER TIME.

I went to Zumba Sunday at the Y - FUN!! I really enjoyed it. Yesterday was my off day. Today is abs with Buff Chad, rearranging the furniture in my office during lunch (I'm counting it as weight lifting!) then a walk tonight if I can get it in. My exercise time is getting squeezed now that my kids are back in school and evenings are spent explaining calculus and physics to the older ones and helping the youngest one with reading. Wednesday will be walking the track in the evening while Teen Son#1 has football practice; Thursday I'm back for Body Pump, Friday will be regular speedwalk training and Saturday? Not sure yet. Sunday Zumba again - I REALLY did like it.

Here's a Mantra for you: Persistance, not perfection.

PS ha ha ha, the secret code word is plate...let's use smaller ones!

Honib1 said...

just found your blog wishing you much much luck .

Roxie said...

How you doing girly?!

Anonymous said...

Ugggh, that is why I'd like to round up all the scales in the world and run over them with my car...or perhaps a semi or two.

The scale has rule my life and continues to do so at time. One week I'm down and I'm walking on sunshine, next week I'm up and I'm at the lowest of lows and all the while, I'm really just me. Kick that scale to the curb my dear and back at it.

Christine said...

Youuuuu hooooooo.
Where are you?
I always get fearful when people go MIA. It usually means the worst in terms of weight loss, eating, exercise, etc.

Tricia Nae said...

20 lbs is AMAZING!! I can't wait till the day I can say that!

Christine said...

Nag nag, annoy annoy. I'm wondering where you'z at, yo.

Matt Joseph said...

Found you on Twitter and let me just say that I am very proud of you! Most people look at journeys like yours as a mission just to lose weight. You sound like you truly are trying to change your life.

With that said, do not worry about setbacks you may have. Accept them as part of the challenge. There are going to be weeks when you gain weight. Do not be discouraged. Evaluate what you are doing and move forward. Your body will do strange things sometimes when it is going through change, but in the end it will thank you greatly.

Keep up the great work! I look forward to hearing more of your success in the future!

Christine said...

You may not be posting but I'm stopping by every few days to see if you've updated. *waiting*

Jae said...

Checking in as well, thinking about you. Remember you CAN do this. I have something for you at my place, come visit.

Anonymous said...

Knock knock!!

Can JAFG come out and play?

kimert said...

hello??? Is anybody home??
You are on my brain. I hope you are well!

Anonymous said...


What's Up, Chickie? I was at the Y yesterday and thought about you. How are you doing?

Will wext you later today...