Monday, August 16, 2010

An Unexpected Turn


276.2 lbs

Ok.  For the record: Saturday morning said 273.6 lbs and Sunday afternoon said 273.0 lbs.  To say this morning was a disappointment would be an understatement. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the box of macaroni and cheese I ate for dinner last night or the gallon or so of Royal Flush shots consumed over the weekend.

You know I have a little weight tracker at the bottom of my blog.  I doubt it gets any facetime because, well, it's at the bottom of my blog.  Esthetically speaking it's the best place for it; however, it really isn't when it comes to viewability.
Anyway, I wanted to show it to you that it's been on a steady downward trend since I started back up in March.  I've been living healthy, relatively speaking, for 5 months and have lost 20-23 lbs.  It could have been more had I been really sticking to things.  I mean really staying on task.  However. 

I have been looking at this whole thing as a change in my life.  I'm living differently.  I'm not on a diet.  I am eating healthy food, not diet food (I don't buy into the whole "fat-free" marketing.  I believe natural is better.  Ingredients are more important than nutritional info to me.  Having said that, I heart I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray.) I am exercising.  I'm trying to drink more water.

I also eat pizza and boxed macaroni 'n' cheese.  I drink my fair share of adult beverages.  I opt to stay in my PJs and watch movies all day instead of exercising.  Basically, I'm living a normal life.  I'm living a lifestyle that I can maintain and isn't unduly burdensome to me.  Well, exercising is almost always annoying. But that aside, I know I've got a path set in front of me that works.  For me. 

I have no idea why my blog took this path today.  Perhaps it's because I saw a 3 lb jump on the scale.  Or maybe because I'm still hung over and a bit pensive.  I dunno.  I had a hell of a weekend and will be sharing as much of the details that I dare for your reading pleasure tomorrow.

I will also be in touch with all my VWBs and working out again this week.

Well.  Starting tomorrow.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Failure Is Not An Option Except in Fashion


275.5 lbs

I had that coming.  Without regaling you with all the gory details, I consumed about 2400 calories yesterday and had no extracurricular activities.  Half of those were after 8:00pm.  Shame on me.

Happy Friday The 13th, Y'all!  Let the good times roll!  The bachelorette party is this weekend.  It kicks off tomorrow at 10:00am when we hit the road and goes until we come home Sunday afternoon.  I may be a little concerned.  SAG and I went out and bought party favors for the evening.  Cheesey little things that will totally make us all the cliche of the evening.  It is going to be SO much fun!  I even bought some new clothes.

I went to three stores last night:  Avenue, Steinmart and Kohl's.  I struck out at Avenue.  More times than not, I do.  But, they've got cheap big-girl clothes and when they work, they really work.   I tried a lot of clothes on and this is the first time I've done that since my 20 lb drop.  I hit my closet up and have a few new things that work great, but I haven't gone shopping.  This was a pleasant surprise.  I can almost fit comfortably in 22/24 clothes.  I was pushing a 28.  Twenty. Eight.  Sheesh. 

I can get the clothes on, but they are still snug enough that they don't pass the sit-down test.  When I try a top I always have to sit down.  If it looks good when I'm sitting (refering to the jiggle in the middle) then the top is a keeper.  If it doesn't and I'm not going to be standing all night, well, I don't buy it.  Same goes with pants. 

Anyway.  I wanted to tell you all that I even tried on a dress.  I haven't worn a dress since I was forced to wear one as MOH for BFF's wedding in 2005.  That's also the lowest I can remember my weight in a long time being 265 lbs.  And since it was a Bridesmaid dress, I don't know that it counts.  Well, I really want to wear a dress for BB and Her Beau's wedding in early October.  So I figured I better try one on and see what it looks like.  It wasn't for the wedding, it was just for casual wear.  It was like a tanktop with wide straps at the top.  Just below the bust line it had a large elastic-gathered band (same material, just all gathered and elasticized) and then the material fell to just below my knee.  It was a 22/24.  A bit snug really.  While everything did work, I needed a size larger for the elastic.  The way it fell made me look 20 months pregnant.  Ungood.  I wasn't discouraged because I actually got a 22/24 on my body.  Anyway, after an hour I walked out of Avenue empty-handed and headed to Steinmart.

Steinmart was so much more productive and was less time.  I was also more willing to pick up smaller sized clothings this trip.  It's usually hard to find anything there because they only go to 24 or 3x.  I've gotten 3x tops but never found anything else of interest or that would work.  Well...this time I found several tops and even a dress that had great wedding potential.  It was a 24, but I figured if it worked but was just a little snug, I'd still get it anyway. I went to the dressing room with all my found treasures--we're talking a serious armful here--and the freakin place was under construction and therefore not available.  Damnit.  So, I reviewed everything I had and kept the dress and two tops.  I'd try everyting on at home and take back what didn't work.  One of the two tops is a sure thing, the other is going to the alterations today to see if they can do a quick change on it and the dress is a no go.  Simply put, I didn't fill it out where I should and did where I shouldn't.  Bygones. 

Kohl's was good too.  I found a shirt that flattered my bustline like nothing ever has before.  It is made to fall perfectly in the back and front while it is a plunging neckline and hugs The Girls.  I felt sexy in this top.  The only thing is it doesn't pass the sit-down test.  It will, but I have to fidgit around quite a bit to make it happen.  Plus I've decided to wear a pair of black capris which are slightly too tight in the waist (will help prevent overeating and they look very flattering when I stand) so the combination may be too much.  I bought it anyway.  I want to wear this top SO bad this weekend.  I just don't want to be one of those fat girls who wears skin-tight clothes and has rolls hanging out everywhere.  You know which ones I'm talking about.  I mean, I am all about loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin, but there is such a thing as fashion sense. Come on, already!  Look in a mirror and get a clue. 

If I decide that the combination is a no-go, well, I can take solice in the fact that I will be able to wear it in the very near future.  Very near.  Like on my trip to Chicago in October.  Woohoo!

As I look back over the past two weeks I realize a lot of what I've been reading and even in my own experience is about not meeting challenges either set forth by ourselves or others have given us.  Failing.  I've been saying there is no such thing as Failing, it's just modified planning.

After my little rant about fat girls and too-tight clothes...I stand corrected.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inspiration Station


274.8 lbs


I'm not your typical girl when it comes to movies and tv shows.  I love a good action flick and weirdo sci-fi/fantastical stuff.  I'm not all D&D, but I loved LOTR. That's Lord of the Rings.  I don't dress up as weird characters but I waited in line 2 hours for the opening day of X-Men X2.  So what's my point, here.  My point is Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

That's a reference to a now cancelled NBC show called Heroes. The show died after it's fourth season-I stopped watching it about 2 episodes into that season btw-but the series' overall storyline is the subject for our discussion today:  Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

You know I have my VWBs.  Well, today I was chitchatting with Roxie and she said a little something to me that just resonated in my brain like one of those Tibetan Singing Bowls.  She said "You are such a good cheerleader".  It got me thinking.  Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

We're all cheerleaders!  We all need each other to encourage us on our good days (just take a look at my weight again!) and our bad days.  We need to encourage as much as we need encouragement.  Or Inspiration, if you will.  Imagine if everyday there was someone telling someone else some words that helped them get though even 5 minutes of something hard.  Could be emotional, could be physical, could be mental.  I'm not just talking weight loss here, but it's definitely included.  Imagine if YOU had someone telling you some Inspiring words everyday.  Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

Get it?  You're the cheerleader.  I'm the cheerleader.  Everybody's the cheerleader.  Think about a 5k or a marathon run.  Think about those water stations; those very important lifeline-like water stations.  Runners need those to continue on course.  Now think of yourself as that virtual water station and everyone you meet today as a runner (whether in the healthy-weightloss-world or not).  Give 'em a big dose of Inspiration.  And maybe a little water'd be good, too.  You never know which Cheerleader you may be saving by being a Cheerleader yourself.

Ra Ra Ree and Stuff!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Evening


274.6 lbs

I just thought that I'd login real quick like and share this info with you. 

I'm sure in the morning it'll be a little higher, but I saw it on the scale none the less.

I checked it twice.


Monday, August 9, 2010

A New Day


276.4 lbs

Yippee!  I actually made it through the weekend and L-O-S-T weight.  I am almost to my lowest point on this blog again.  This is a moment to celebrate. 

I love Nina Simone.  I love this song.  It seems appropriate and I hope you'll all take it with you through the week.

I'm happy to report that the VWBs all celebrated great things over the weekend.  Angela Pea rocked out a class at the Y on Friday.  Roxie kicked jogging's ass on Sunday.  Kimert killed 6 miles on Saturday.  Amanda conquered the elliptical, too.

I, on the other hand, was down for the count.  All weekend.  Before you get all sadfaced and let down because I didn't make it though my 7-day challenge, I must tell you that I had a 24-hour stomach bug (which may have been brough on by the egg drop soup I made for the first time) and...(queue "dreadful" music)...a UTI. 

The positives. I've never consumed so much water in my freakin life.

The negatives. BB's bachelorette party is this weekend. I can't consume alcoholic beverages for two weeks (thank you, Antibiotics). I'll be playing the role of Mother Hen this weekend, I guess. Sigh.

Can you say UGH?  I'm glad to know that Friday wasn't just a punked out day.  I was feeling a bit bad that I didn't hit my finish line.  Once I realized that my body was busy addressing other issues, well, I felt a little better about it.  See, the challenge wasn't to prove that I could be active for 7 days straight, it was to build momentum.  And it's done that.  I've done that.  Me and my VWBs!

So.  Today is a new day.  It's a new week and a new game plan for the VWBs.  Right now, I'm not up for a lot of movement.  This does not mean that I'm off the wagon.  I am simply going to focus extra hard on eating right and drinking plenty of water.  As a matter of fact, that is my VWB gameplan this week. 

I want to know that the girls are doing their workouts as needed.  That means Kimert and her morning sessions, Pea and her Y classes, Roxie and her jogging/BL sessions, and Amanda and her strength training.

What I need this week is encouragement to continually drink water and eat right.  Stay the course.  Keep the momentum.

'Cause I'm feeling good.  Sort of.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Oy Vey


278.2 lbs

I stayed home from work today.

I'm physically exhausted.  I spent most of the day in bed.

I am up now.  I ate a peanut butter jelly sandwich and a glass of soymilk.  I'm still a little wiped with a headache.  This 7 days is hard.  I've pushed myself to the limit each day.  Today, I think I'll just play a little Wii ping pong or something.  I am planning on getting my 30 minutes in, but it won't be hardcore.  I'll pick that back up tomorrow and Sunday.

I did My Fitness Coach last night and I like it!  It's hard work, but I can do it.  And I will.

Today, today's 30 minutes will be more game like than work out. 

It's just how it is.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Four Days Down. Three To Go.


279.2 lbs

I can't tell you how happy I am to see those 80's disappear.  They really scared me.  I don't ever want to see them again.  Not on this side of 200, anyway.

So I totally kicked some elliptical ass last night with Amanda. She has a serious workout plan.  She does lunges and upper body work and lower body work and treadmill work and she's crazy.  Just sayin.  She sent me a picture of her mid-workout.  I sent one of me post-workout.  We shared sweaty pictures.  Which sounds worse than it really was.

I did 30 minutes which burned 300 calories and 2 miles.  Yea!  I've never sweat so much in my life.  Sweat was dripping, dripping off my arms.  My arms!  It literally was running down my face.  I couldn't wipe my face fast enough toward the end.  That was cool, actually.  I kept tabs on my pulse (thanks Cardio Class teacher!) and stayed below 30.  I did intervals of 5 minutes fast, 2.5 minutes slower, 5 minutes fast and so forth.  Toward the end, all I could do was a constant moderate. 

I had a bit of a mishap, though.  My kneecap locked on me a few times cause I pushed my speed just a bit much.  I was in the "Rocky Moment" meaning I was all gung-ho and wanted to push myself to the limit.  This means, of course, that I went past the limit and now it keeps doing it.  Anyone got a remedy for this?

So today is my day with Roxie.  Poor Roxie.  Somehow along our quick communications, I completely forgot to give her my number.  She faithfully did her workout this morning without any wexting.  I feel bad.  Sorry, Foxie!  Fortunately it's been remedied.  She has my number and I have hers (which I had and I still didn't text.  Bad jafg!) and she'll be wexting me tonight.  Roxie's got her own 30 day challange she's giving herself.  Mosey on over and read about it. 

Well, tonight I have a date with my Wii. I'll have to dust it off and see if I remember how to turn it on.  I'm trying a new game.  It's "My Fitness Coah".  If I don't like it, I'll go to the Boxing in Wii Sports.  LOVE the boxing.  And the swordplay for that matter.  Both tend to get the heart going a bit.  Especially the boxing.  I also have the She-devil workout-also known as Jenny McCarthy Your Shape-but I don't think my arms and legs can take that this time.  I'm feeling this 7-day challenge.

Everybody, please locate your hips.  Now, move your hands down just slightly where they are now resting on the top outter portion of your thighs.  I'm not talking the side of your thigh, I'm talking still on the top but toward the outer part.  Did you find it?  Guess what.  There's a muscle there.  I had to look it up.  I didn't know it exsisted until this week.  Especially today.  Every time I stand up from a sitting position, this little thing screams at me.  Very loudly I might add.  Funny enough, it's not when I sit, just when I stand.  Really, it's not that funny.

Tomorrow I'm going to see about another class at the Y.  Either that, or I'll be hitting the elliptical again.

I am so looking forward to my eighth day.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cardio Class: Code For Coronary


280.0 lbs

At least it's moving in the right direction again.

So get this. I'm working on day three of a personal 7 day challenge that I haven't really told anyone about. I'm doing my own form of my own boot camp. I've got my VWBs which are helping me stay motivated. "What's this challenge?" I hear you ask.  Well, I am making myself do some form of exercise every day for 7 days.  I am trying to capture at least 30 minutes dedicated to movement solely for the sake of getting some form of physical activity and calorie burn.  I'm calling it my "It's a whopping 30 minutes of your life" challenge.  Actually, I stole that title from Kimert.  She texted wexted that to me as motivation on Monday.  I love it. 

I woke up Monday and today and did crunches. Twenty each time. I did bicycle things which really is just as hard for me as crunches. Maybe harder because I only have the stamina to do 5 sets. Monday night I did 20 minutes on the elliptical. Last night I did 40-45 minutes of a seriously intense Cardio workout. Angela Pea did her C25K power walking training (hey, I just realized I did that, too, in my class!). We texted wexted a bit; me telling her I'm dying, her telling me I'm not. Stuff like that. It really is great having someone out there you know is rooting for you at that very minute. My very own jafg cheerleader. And, in turn, I'm cheering for my VWBs, too!

This Cardio class is worse than Hip Hop Hell class. Seriously. It's full blown exercising. This is the first time I've done this since, well, ever. Or at least since elementary school.

I'm talking sprinting, running, jogging, skipping. All things, by the way, I did not do. I faithfully walked at the fastest speed I could without tripping over my feet.  Additionally, we had to do jumping jacks. If I do jumping jacks, like real ones, I'd throw my back out because of my bouncing belly. Yeah.  I'm not kidding.  But, I did a psuedo jump of sorts and kept my arms and legs moving. We did front kicks. We did back kicks.  We did side kicks.  My hip joints are sore today.  And so are my upper thighs.  It kinda hurts to stand up from a sitting position.  But I'm not complaining.

I wanted to throw in the towel no less than tree times.  Well, on the third time I actually did leave. But I'll get to that. The instructor came over personally to talk to me "off mic" twice to make sure I was "doing okay".  That's never happened before.  When we took our pulse count (mine was 28 and a 1/2) she looked right at me to say "It shouldn't be over 30! If it's over 30, be sure to keep those arms below your heart!" I don't know if anyone else noticed where she was looking, but I did.  At one point, in between the the second time I almost left and the time I did leave, she says "Make sure if you're leaving you wave good-bye!  That way I know you're okay."  Hmm. 

We also had to do arm lifts with a weight bar.  WHILE WE WALKED.  FAST.  I picked the lightest one they had:  a 9 lb-er.  Oh.  We did arm curls with them, too.  I've got sore upper arms which I am totally loving in a sick way.  Once she started with the lunges-the ones where you completely touch your knee to the floor-with the weight bars I knew it was time to go.  Fortunately, I had given the class 42.5 minutes (give or take 2.5 minutes) of my life.  Whew.

Oh.  I didn't wave when I left. I hope she's still wondering.

I am pleased to report I was able to provide a little motivation Kimert's way (also, you should know, I've totally been misspelling her name.  It's one "M", not two). 

I love my interations with my VWBs.  I feel like a Wonder Twin.  One of 5, actually.  It's like we all raise our phones in the air and text wext "Wonder Twin Powers:  ACTIVATE!"

Form of ... "Death by Cardio Class".

I'm SO going back next week.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010



???.? lbs

[I have no idea; I didn't weigh today.]

JAFG:  [insert picture of elliptical machine]  Guess where I am!

(20 minutes later)

JAFG:  I think I got heat rash on my arrse from that little session.

JAFG: No kidding

Kimmert:  LOL ouch!

JAFG:  I know.  Can't wait till I get home and sit on an icepack. :)

Kimmert:  I've had chubrub on the thighs before and learned bodyglide is my friend!!

JAFG:  Oooh what is that???And "chubrub" <===hahahahaha!

Kimmert:  Looks like deodorant.  Get it at Dicks sporting goods, runners use it to prevent chaffing. It's great! The Bodyglide, not the chubrub ;)

JAFG:  Dunno...seems like under the right circumstances chubrub might not be so bad...

Ah, another fabulous benefit of VWBs:  Workout texting.  Or, WEXTING.  Keeps things fun!

So Angela Pea is my VWB of the day.  I'm hitting a new cardio class at the gym tonight.  Yup.  Me and my heat rash.

Fun times, indeed.


Monday, August 2, 2010

My Girl Friday


281.6 lbs


So, it's a good thing I wasn't lying about The Game Plan.  I got a lot of responses from that little teaser post. 

I also got a lot of responses from Help Wanted.  I want to thank each of you on the feedback on my dating bio.  I made some recommended changes and we'll see how it goes.  I signed up for three months.  90 days should be enough to tell me if it's working.  I'll be sure to share all the lovely ups and downs of that experience.  Who Knows.  Maybe it'll lead to another blog.

Well. I want to begin by saying that having followers is inspirational.  Having commenters is, like, unbelieveable. My interaction with my Tweeple is always heartwarming and fun.  I count you all as my support system and it's so great to know you're out there cheering me on.  I'm cheering for you too! (Even though I did lose a follower over the weekend.  Sadface.) 

But, sometimes I need a little bit more.  Which is why I sent out the bat signal last week.  What I need is someone(s) to prod me with a cattle poker and make sure I'm getting off my ass when I'm supposed to.  That means in the morning when I'd rather be in bed, or at night when I'd rather be watching TV.  Or you know, all the other times I need that motivation.  SAG is very wrapped up in tennis (she does all these tourneys which is great for her, but she never works out at the gym now) and BB is wrapped up with wedding stuff and is working out with Her Beau.  That leaves me with myself.  And between you and me, I can rationalize my way out of anything.  And I mean Anything. 

Well that leads us up to The Game Plan.  I'd like to introduce you to Team JAFG.  Please say hello to my little friends!

My Gal Monday

My Gal Tuesday
Angela Pea

My Gal Wednesday

My Gal Thursday

These beauties are my virtual workout buddies (henceforth known as VWBs).  I was hoping for one and I got four!  That's one for every workout.  I'm giving each VWB my cell number and my name and we're doing real time one on one support.  There are still some details to work out.  Scheduling, Planning, Emailling and whatnots.  As a matter of fact, Kimmert and I started this morning.  We decided on 5:45am morning workout.  Well, it turns out that Kimmert's 5:45 is about an hour before mine is.  "How?" you ask?  Well, she's an Eastern girl and I'm a Central girl.  Fortunately, I slept through her first text.  It's quite funny really. 

Let's talk about that weight you see up there.  I ate food like it was facing extinction this weekend.  Friday night I had BBQ for takeout.  Saturday, I hit up fast food breakfast and then went to a wedding Saturday  night.  A Catholic Wedding.  At 7:00pm. With an open bar.  We left the reception (which had a shrimp and grits bar among other things) around 11:30 and hit an "after party".  It was at a neighborhood hang out.  It's always great to show up to one of those places all dressed up in about 4 cars.  We stayed there until it closed and then a smaller group headed to an "after hours" place.  Needless to say, I didn't get home until after 4:00am (which, btw, would be 5:00am Kimmert time).  I don't know if I told you this before, but I have a party rule:  If you're home before 4:00am it's still the night before; if you're home after 4:00am it's the next day.  I didn't know I still had it in me to be honest.

A night of one too many leads to a day of poor eating choices.  You may not understand this, but that's ok; you don't really need to.  My Hangover required two things:  A breakfast burrito and a creamy milky something.  I opted for a milkshake.  When you feel like I did, you have to listen to what Hangover wants.  And then, a nap (read as coma) with Kitty on the couch and then a creamy pasta dish from Macaroni Grill for dinner.  YIKES. I am choosing not to think about the calories and saturated fat content of all the digestables I had.  Actually I don't have to.  I simply had to get on the scale this morning.

I'm not beating myself up because I did get up this morning.  It wasn't exactly 5:45.  After realizing that Kimmert had already done her workout before God was awake, I rationalized myself to sleep until 6:45.  Then I laid in bed with open eyeballs and finally forced myself up 10 minutes later (6:55am).  I knew I didn't have time for my 30 minutes of Elliptical.  I didn't puss out though. I made myself do something that I never never ever do.  I did crunches.  Twenty of those bastards.  I have so much junk in my front-trunk that I forget I even have  abdominal muscles so this has been a real shock to the system.  I then did 5 pushups.  Yes, they were girl push-ups or "Pink Push-ups" as I like to call them, but still, I did them.  And then I did these 5 bicycle exercise things.  It's where you're on your back and you lift your legs up like you'd be sitting on a bike.  You then push one leg straight leaving the other at a 90* angle.  You hold the position for like 10 seconds and then you rotate legs.  Two leg movements one count.  It's a lot harder than you may realize. My thigh muscles are talking to me a bit this afternoon.

Since Angela Pea and I both use the YMCA for our gyms, she's my gym VWB.  That way, I can text her from the class and not feel like I'm all alone in that big scary room.  It'll be on Tuesdays after work. My choices are Body Pump or Cardioenergy.  Truth be told, I'm a little scared of both of these.  They sound like a real ass kicker.  I'm open to suggestions on which of the two I should take.  I'm also going to wear a sleeveless shirt.  Maybe.

I'm still working out the details about Wednesday and Thursday (pretty much those two gals are learning about their official team placement through this blog...Hi Ladies!).  Amanda as indicated something about weights and resistance training.  I have those circuit machines that perhaps we can work out a routine on. 

This doesn't mean that I'm only in contact with my VWBs on the assigned days. Oh no.  We'll be in contact on a very regular basis.  Via texts, emails, what-have-yous.  This just helps me really stay on track and  keep the variety going.

You may be wondering about the other days of the week.  Well, when I was exercising before I didn't have a problem getting to the Concierge Gym on Saturday or Sunday.  Which brings me to

My Gal Friday
BB has indicated a workout this evening may be possible so I'm planning on hitting the elliptical tonight.

My pants fit too tightly not to.