Monday, June 21, 2010

Dogward Down


276.2 lbs

W.T. H.

I'm not exercising enough.  Ever since my trip to DC, I have been out of the exercise routine.  I think I'll find a class to do tonight.  I checked the calendar.  There's only one choice.

It's Yoga.



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Amanda said...

Is it bad that I snerked a little when I read your only option was yoga?

Seriously though, I hear yoga can be really great. I stay away from it because I'm fairly convinced I'd die of boredom or go stark raving mad having to listen to myself think, but who knows, it could work for you :)

And way to go, seeing an issue and hopping on a way to solve it!

Catherine said...

As much as it sucks to have the scale move up a little, remember that fluctuations are TOTALLY normal! The number zigzags a little every day - the point is for the scale to gradually go down, and as time goes on, it will creep lower and lower. Chin up!