Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roller Derby, Anyone?


279.2 lbs

I'm still evaluating my recently past behavior.  I am also going to the gym tonight. 

I'm still a little high from all the twitter and bloggin love I've gotten over the past few days.  I have grown to 53 followers!  I always find it to be an exciting/humbling experience when a new follower sprouts up.  I also do my best to follow you all and add you to my blogs I heart a lot list.  (If you're not on there, please let me know!).  I accidentally selected to follow myself one day--which apparently you can totally do--and now I don't want to unfollow cause I don't want to decrease my numbers.  I heart you all!  Love You Mean It!

While every comment and follower means the world to me, the love received over the picture posting was SO unexpected and encouraging!  I'll tell  you, I have a regular square-ish screen on my laptop and have a widescreen monitor on the desktop (which I use most of the time).  I posted those pictures on the regular square-ish screen machine.  I think, after seeing them on the widescreen, had I seen them on this machine first, I SO would not have posted them.  EGAD. Widescreen makes a difference.


So, I played laser tag last night.  And I went skating.  Yeah, skating.  Like old-school-orange-wheeled-fake-suede-horrible-shoelacey skating.  I learned a few things.  Firstly, skating rinks still smell like stinky feet and sweaty kids.  Secondly, there is no such thing as a fat skater.  I have the videos to prove it. 

Don't get me wrong.  There were some kids in there that still had a fair share of baby pudge going on.  But I'm talking a lack of Big People.  Not the parents sitting on the sidelines, but the folks out on the rink.  Most of them were under the age of 10, btw.  Then a good many of them were under the age of 15.  There was some dude there that was totally sporting the scary 70's porn mustache and I never exactly saw him with a kid.  I'm still a little concerned about that one.  Anyway, point is NONE of them were fat. 

So BB's little 15 year old brother came for a two week visit. Because of this, BB and Her Beau are trying to find "minor friendly" things to do. Last night, it was half price night at this game park. So, we piled in the car and headed for some laser tag. I've never played laser tag before. It involves a black light and 10 year old kids. I think next time I'll have a few drinks first. Of the Adult Beverage variety.

Well.  We play 2 rather fast rounds of laser tag and decide that's enough.  As we're walking out the notion hits me...How freakin fun would it be to roller skate again after like 20 years?  (Holy. Shit.  It HAS been 20 years. 8-/  )  We all head over--after a little convincing-- for the skate exchange where you give Them your shoes and They give you hideous skates.  I'm still stoked anyway.  We then sit down on the box benches (ohmawgaw, they still use those carpet covered box benches!) and begin to put on said hideous skates. 

A new notion hits me.  How freakin stupid is this idea, anyway??!!?

...Dear Lord.......Please Please Please don't let me die!...

I did survive.  I stayed on the carpet area (which was a cookie monster blue) so I'd have a little more traction on the wheels of death.  I actually made it almost completely around the rink floor once.  I was clinging with all my might to the poor 15YO's arm.  I bet he still has white marks where I was gripping so hard.  Thankfully, though, I never fell.  I also got one hell of a strength training workout for my legs.  Believe me.

It wasn't until I sat down and took the hideous skates off that I had the revalation about the fat people and skating and how there wasn't a single one of them in there besides me.  I was the biggest girl on the block, or in the rink, or whatever.  I can't tell you why I realized this and I find it a little odd that I had the thought, to be honest.  I can tell you, though, I didn't feel self conscious...not once.

I was too busy concentrating on not breaking my ass.


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Roxie said...

I love this post. We have a skating rink near my house, but I'm too scared to go. :p

Love your blog!

Christine said...

Roller skating rocks! It's great as leg weights, good for balance and core strength, and is just plain good fun! Keep doing it!!!