Thursday, June 17, 2010

Add It Up


278.0 lbs

I feel a little better, but I'm hoping for more movement tomorrow.

So, I tried a different elliptical machine last night.  There are so many kinds and each one seems to be different.  This one was more like pedalling a bike than any other I've been on.  I didn't like it AT ALL.  I had to put it at the lowest level and it seemed to only work the top of my thighs (the quads, right?).  My knee was very warm when I was done, too.  Also, on all the other machines, I usually kill a mile in just under 15 minutes.  I could only do a half a mile in just over 15 minutes.  On the lowest level.  What?!?

I met BB and 15YO at Concierge Gym last night.  15YO was running, like running, on the treadmill and BB was busy on the machine from hell.  They met me there and had already been going for 7 minutes.  After 20 minutes they both stopped and were waiting on me.  Well, I had only been on for about 10 minutes and already thought I was gonna die.  BB felt the same.  She had originally planned on doing 30 minutes (me too) but the machine from hell got the best of her.  In stead of going to the pool or working on the circuit trainers, both of them parked it by me and were just waiting.  Nothing like a little pressure.  I only made it another 5 minutes and then threw in the towel.  Shame on me.  Then we went to hang out at the pool.

I've been mildly concerned about the big weight change (from a 276.6 lbs reading to a 279.2 lbs reading ... huh?!).  I have to be honest with myself (and, I guess, with you). 

I totally snacked on Saturday night.  And on Sunday night.  And...yes, Monday night, too.

I've discovered sunkist fruit gummies.  Damn they're good.  I ate way too many packets (about 110 calories a pack I just found out.  YIKES).  I also bought little mini snicker icecream bars (90 calories a peice).  I had one of them Sunday night and TWO of them Monday night.  I may have had one Tuesday night, too.  I'm not sure.  It's all starting to blur together in a guilt-induced haze.

I did exercise Sunday, Monday and yesterday.  I had unusual activity of laser tag and roller skating on Wednesday.  Oh, which reminds me.  We went for ice cream afterward.  Damnit.

Now, I knew I was snacking when I snacked.  I knew what I was buying when I was buying those mini snicker icecream bars.  In my defence,though, you should all know how I am about a Snicker Bar.  I mean, it's its own blog post label for goodness sake!  I was pretty excited to see they came in the 90-calorie variety.  And those sunkist fruit gummies are very small packs with only about 10 gummies in each.  When you eat 4 packs (over the course of about 3 hours), well, that was a bit much.  At least Sunday it was only 2.  Packs that is.  Which is 220 calories.  Sheesh.

Honestly, I didn't think anything of the snacking (with the exception of eating TWO snicker icecream bars that one night) at the time it was happening.  I was actually thinking that I was doing good believe it or not.  I was comparing to when I used to really have at it.  Icecream woulda been involved, but it woulda been like a pint Ben & Jerry's.  All at one sitting.  Not kidding.  So, comparing my "now self" to my "then self", I thought I had really improved.  The scale showed me I was wrong.  I could have been wronger (fyi...that's not a word).  I remembered to eat healthy the rest of the time.  Breakfast, lunch, diner...all okay.  Snacking...not so much.  And it caught up with me. 

My life in moderation hasn't been as moderate as I let myself believe it was. I don't feel bad about it, I just realize that all my decisions affect me, no matter what they may be.

Even the reduced calorie kind.


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karen said...

I've had the lousiest week for snacking! And I've known all along with every bite "probably shouldn't be doing this" followed by a great big bite and yummmmm and smile (today it was all natural peanut butter that did me in).

So tomorrow I'm weighing in instead of Sunday and starting fresh.

Amanda said...

The realization that even the low calorie decisions affect us is a big one. Tonight at dinner (I took my elder son out as my younger one is spending the night with his grandmother) I did really well except I gave into the boy and let him order an appetizer.

Child's eleven, with one of the fastest metabolisms on the planet. HE can eat the stupid Texas Cheese Fries (look up the nutrition info on those -- Chili's), even the half order.

Me? Not so much. But I helped the child, oh yes I did, to the tune of adding approximately 500 more calories to my day.

Ain't no way I'm burning those off on the treadmill tonight... but I'm off to try to make a dent in it at least.

(good news is, all these little steps we make? Add up too! :) )

Leslie Limon said...

Girl, you are preaching to the choir. My BIGGEST problem is snacking. First off, I am ALWAYS hungry. And I think I make pretty good choices when it comes to mealtime. But by 11am and 6pm, all hell breaks loose. Not good.

Anyway...I think you are doing an amazing job. I know I've said this a couple of times, and I'm going to say it again. Although the numbers on the scale aren't going down like you hope, you are making healthy choices AND you are exercising. A healthy you is never going to be a bad thing. :)

Jules - Big Girl Bombshell said...

That is an awesome observation! Once we become conscious of just how much we do consume outside of the regular meals, it creates a whole new awareness....Good JOB!