Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Radio Silence


277.0 lbs

Take that, 278.0 lbs!

So I'm heading to Lakehouse this weekend.  I'll be there Saturday and Sunday.BB and Her Beau, SAG and The Blondes will be there.  I'm looking forward to it.

Just like last week, this week blows.  There are about 5 serious deadlines all culminating this week and they all depend on other people beyond my controlling grasp to get completed, but I'm the project manager and responsible for making sure we reach deadline.  That is more commonly known as Cat Herder.  Yea.  Fun.

Anyway.  While I have made time for blog reading when  I could, and forced a couple of posts, it's been an effort.  I don't like it when something I enjoy becomes an effort.  The Craft suffers when that happens.  Kinda like Sex.  So, I think I'll be silent on the blogfront through the holiday.

Please have a happy and safe Independence Day holiday!  Watch National Treasure and appreciate some American history! 

I'll miss you all!


I will.


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Drazil said...

Alright - you're allowed one holiday careful, stay safe and RELAX!

Roxie said...

Have a great time unwinding!