Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6 Months Into 2010


281.4 lbs

Virtual Sigh.

Life at Lakehouse was very nice.  Except for the thousands of "no-see-um" bites all over my extremities.  That's another blog-tale.  Benadryl anti-itch cream is my BFF right now.

I actually didn't head out until Saturday afternoon which I am SO glad about because it's in Deliverance country.  Not really, but there are very narrow, winding roads and I surely wouldn't have been able to find my way in the dark of Friday night.  I did bring food and beverage and all were well-received.  Especially the strawberries and cherries which were all eaten up by day 2.  BB made the Knorr Spinach dip sans Hawaiian bread.  We dipped organic carrots and celery into that and it was heavenly.  All meat was grilled, we had a "pork butt" which is aparently the shoulder, not the butt, and boneless chicken breasts.  There were scalloped potatoes and potato salad and good fresh salad to eat too.  There were also turtle brownies a la Betty Crocker (or was is Duncan Hines) Sunday night. 

Aside from the food, there was lots of fun.  We sat around drinking mimosas on a rainy Sunday morning and played  Go Fish.  That's right, I said Go Fish.  I dare you to remember exactly how to play.  Between the three of us, we made something up that resembled it and then played for a few hours.  We jumped on the boat and tootled around got some sun (yes, I was in a make-shift sun-getting outfit) and then headed back for food.  After food was more boat time and sunset hunting time.  It was totally worth the chill in the boating air for what came next. 

Here are a few shots for your viewing pleasure:


Simply breathtaking, isn't it?

After heading back from the sunset we settle in for some movie and turtle brownie time.  There's no real TV in the boondocks so we watched an old Cary Grant movie and called it a night.  It really was fun!

Even though I have added a few lbs from the holiday weekend, I will do my best to be healthy in the food department in the upcoming week.  I head out for Beach Town in the morning. 

It sure would be nice to come back to lost lbs...


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1 comment:

Amanda said...

It looks beautiful! Sounds like you had a great time.

We had turtle brownies over my way too. And I can't remember who makes them either. 170 calories a pop, for the record (assuming you get 20 brownies out of each pan).

I had four. Am having, I should say... there were two left and I've taken it upon myself to consume them. I'm generous like that.