Friday, April 30, 2010

Fiesta Siesta


284.6 lbs

Yesterday will probably show up tomorrow. Grr.

Firstly, thank you all for your encouragement yesterday!  I know I'm a snarky little blogger, but I do have sincere moments and this is one of them.  I really appreciate you folks taking time to send me comment love.  I smiled when I read each one of them and they really did warm my heart.

As you know I had a brown food day yesterday.  I went out with SAG last night.  After that fried food lunch, I had a fried food dinner.  And drinks.   As in a half a bottle of wine and then a few vodka beverages for dessert.  I begrudgingly filled out my food diary on (which is the greatest thing since sliced bread...and that's not a paid encorsement for either myfitnesspal or sliced bread) and after completing the entry for the day it told me I had consumed 3,364 calories.  HO. LY. CRAP.  I was also told that "If every day were like today... You'd weigh 291.7 lbs in 5 weeks".  Isn't that a not so gentle reminder of why I don't eat like that.

So, today's a new day.  I didn't exercise at all yesterday 'cept for a  20 minute walk around the work 'hood.  I have logged everything I've eaten today and haven't drank nearly enough water.  I even put down in my exercise diary (another reason to love myfitnesspal) that I'm exercising tonight.  At Concierge Gym.  That means no shorts, the elliptical, the circuit machines (if anyone know what they're officially called, please let me know cause I'm not sure circuit is right) and Rage Against The Machine. 

I've commited to a dinner menu and the day's allowed snacks and cannot deviate from it or else I risk blowing my calories today like yesterday.  Well, maybe not as bad as yesterday.  But I would lose my deficit.  I had mexican today for lunch. 

I am SO sleepy right now.  I hope I have the energy to do my necessary workout.  Otherwise, today's gonna suck eggs.


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Amanda said...

I recommend Bullet for my Valentine and Puddle of Mudd for workouts also. Erm... not that someone as ancient as I really listens to stuff like that, you understand. Just that I've heard it's good.

Yeah, that's it.

I read something over at Bitchcakes' blog the other day -- even if you don't journal your food, your butt will. Which is why I wrote down that BMT I had yesterday and the glass of chianti too. Reality checks are a good thing. Depressing at times (lettuce leaf, anyone?) but good.

I'm Just Another Fat Girl said...

Amanda my love...I would have lettuce leaves with you anytime! Especially when chianti is involved!

Thanks for the workout recomendations. Will check them out in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Whoot! You can do it! Chin up and keep going!