Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome to Bizzaro World


288.0 lbs

Everybody pull out your best Wayne's World flashback routine.  If you're too young to get that reference, well, I don't like you anymore.

Think back with me to July 2009.  Back to my very first post.  Firstly, I see that my weight is like 287.6 lbs.  I could be dissapointed, but I'll look at it as "Wow, I've managed to balance my weight for almost a year."  I was also smoking then.  This is something I only do when partaking of adult beverages.  I'm pretty damn proud of that.  Getting back to that post....

I mentioned then (and several times since) that I am sorely lacking in the motivation to exercise department.  As a matter of fact, it wasn't until after my 5 month hiatus (4 months and 17 days to be precise and for which there is no good explanation) that I ever contemplated exercise at all.  Like, actually doing it, I mean.  I thought about it alot.  Thinking doesn't burn calories in the quantity I need, however.  I wish it did.  I digress.  Eating healthy isn't an issue, I enjoy healthy food.  I just wanted that AHA moment to kick me in the ass to get me moving.  I figured it would be like a storybook revelation.  The lightbulb and everything, ya know?  It wasn't like that. 

Actually, I went shopping and realized that I had to be a larger size.  This is larger than what I was already wearing which was a really freakin large size.  Then I realized that if I got any larger, I wasn't going to be able to shop even in the fat clothing stores.  WHAT??!!  Well, maybe that was my AHA moment.  Most plus sized stores either start at a 12 or 14, which is stupid IMO (<==I threw this in for you young people==>) but whateves.  Most of them end at a 28. 

When the big clothes at a plus sized store are too small, there's something wrong.  Like really.  Go see a doctor.  Not to be a Debbie-Downer, but something needs to change or you're gonna D-I-E die. 

After the whole clothes incident, I decided it would be best to get on a scale again.  Ew.  I first stepped on it and realized I was 4 little pounds away from the big 3-0-0.  Damn.  That sucks.  I began to really miss my blog.  I wasn't quite ready for the reality of that, though.

I did some things with my income tax return (I gave the Gov't too much money again last year).  I bought clothes and shoes, a lot of clothes and shoes, and decided to get a Wii.  I wanted something that I could use to get moving in the privacy of my own home.  I did some polling in my real life and found a great recommendation, She-Devil or Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy.  It's pretty good really.  I also got Sports Resort.  It has table tennis and sword play.  That game is awesome.  Anyway, I did these things because I needed to do something. 

I also had the good news of BB (Blushing Bride for any new readers out there) and Her Beau's engagement.  Kismet really.  She wants to workout, she's so young that I can't be intimidated by her.  It's physically impossible.  She's like a puppy.  Who can be intimidated by a puppy??  I'm stoked because since Her Beau is in school at night and she's new to the area, we can spend a lot of time together with the workouts.  It's also nice to see my friends in a sober state.  But that's a different story. 

I also picked up the proverbial pen again.  In the very few weeks it's been since my return to the "big screen" I've began to freakishly pay attention to my food (measuring it in some cases and portioning it in other cases) and I'm working out.  Sometimes even twice a day.  And sometimes by myself.  I'm also talking to my friends about  all the working out and getting real encouragement from them.  I look forward to sweating and getting my ass kicked by a workout. 

But the weirdest thing of all...I found out I now like blue cheese. 

What Bizzaro World have I dropped into here?!?


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Drazil said...

Love this blog - keep up the good work.

Amanda said...

Blue cheese rocks. Get a wedge of some good Stilton sometime... mmmmmmm....

And chica, you totally crack me up -- I am SO glad you are back in the blogosphere!!!

I'm Just Another Fat Girl said...

I only do this for the immediate gratification of comment reading!



Amanda said...

Understood on the comments. Totally. They are my crack.