Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Preparing for BATTLE


288.2 lbs

Yesterday it said 287.  That'll teach me not to blog when I lose poundage.

So I've been working out with SAG and BB for a few weeks now.  It's pretty cool.  I actually joined the Gym on Friday and worked out as a new member.  With SAG.  And I think she's kinda impressed that I can mostly push through the panting and the puffing when trying to keep up with her.  She will run you ragg-ed.  And she likes it.  Like that Jillian chick from Biggest Loser.  I am very un-fond of them both.

Workout clothes are not something that's been part of my wardrobe.  Ever.  I have been wearing either pajamas (pj pants with a big shirt) or  a pair of khaki shorts that come down to my knees and polo shirts for workout sessions with the girls and the hip-hop hell class.  Which, btw, I went to last night.  I was literally stiff as a board when I got home.  And that is after draining all the hot water in the abode on my aching back.  Bless my heart. 

Anyway.  After about two weeks of the boobs bouncing in ways that no boobs should ever bounce, I went on a hunt for a sports bra.  Actually, let's step this back one minute.  The first thing I noticed after realizing that all the ladies and the few guys that are in HHH class are already damn fit was the fact that everyone wears the little anklet socks.  I, on the other hand, have the cute little socks that come up over my ankles and almost up my calf.  Now, before you get some nerd-like image of me in my knee length shorts and knee high socks, these are just the type that I would "slouch" a bit.  I'm not trying to win fit fashion awards, but I don't want to look like an out-of-date idoit either.  After all, I am a very fashionable girl otherwise.  Over the weekend I bought some just-below-the-ankle socks.  I felt very happy about it.  Fashionable even.  One less thing that separates me from the other fit fashionistas in my HHH class. 

Ok.  Back to the boobs.  I've been eyeing this bathing suit with underwire on Just My Size and decided to search for sports bras and other work out gears. I found some great bras on this site (even thogh the regular everyday bras don't do much for me) and they were running a buy two get one free deal.  The bathing suit was on sale too.  Being the frugal shopper that I am, I went ahead and made the buy.  I got them in the mail yesterday (delivered to work) and immediately went to the bathroom to try them on.  I hate, hate, hate the bathing suit.  I heart, heart, heart my sports bras.  I got two Champion bras (same model different colors...I'm original like that) and one Glamorize bra with a faux-chami built in. 

These are not attractive items of clothing.  These are not figure-flattering-curve-accentuating things.  These are pieces of armour one puts on when preparing to do battle with HHH class.  I had a whole new level confidence walking into class last night.  My Bras and Socks were giving me super powers and a sense of invinsability.  That coupled with the fact that I found a spot where there is no mirror on the wall made me feel AWESOME.  All I could think about was jumping up and down and moving side to side while trying to shake my ass the way the instructor does.  I was looking forward to it.  While my boobs didn't budge, other parts of me sure did.  Good Lord.  Do they make a sports bra for a stomach??

Oh.  And I got a damn blister on my ankle.


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Mrs B. said...

Yay for finding your fashion super powers! I have the jiggle issues as well, and I usually wear a plain, no-frills bathing suit (plus a sports bra) under my clothes when I do 5k's. It works for me because it's tight and keeps the jiggle down, but still light and breathe-able fabric. You might try that?

Amanda said...

I'm such a fashion "don't" when I exercise, I guess pretty much because I've always exercised in private. I had to actually go out and buy workout-wear when I started the group Couch-to-5K thing this January. It was weird. Yep, here I am, spending money so I can sweat.

I also picked up a new sports bra because my old one was ancient and no longer truly functional. And like you, I totally heart mine. It's underwire, and it actually has TWO cups, so I'm not uni-boobing it. And it's so firm I don't move. Considering I'm not under-endowed, this is no small feat.

And the scale is a lying bitch. I have that on good authority. So don't sweat it ;)