Friday, April 16, 2010

I Got Nothin.


289.0 lbs

I don't doubt it.  I haven't done a damn thing in the workout relm since Wednesday.  I am gonna be working out a mean mess tonight though.  I'm joining The Gym. 

I really wish I could wax poetic about something but I gots nothin.  As you may have already guessed from the title....

I've been a total food whore since Tuesday night. BB wasn't feeling very motivated, so we bought Digiorno with everything on it. And got cokes. Well, I had Mr. Pibb. I had four pieces of that great Digiorno. Four. Pieces. Yommm. I mean "bad jafg!".

Wednesday night I pigged on sushi.  And not the little, light stuff.  I'm talking tempura shrimp rolls which are then flash fried.  It was good.  I was bad.  I then had awesome fried chicken breast sandwich with a slice of all american cheese and extra pickles for lunch yesterday.  With the best damn fries on the planet.  And the biggest unsweet tea I could get and still drink it with a straw. 

Last night, not feeling terribly social, I got pizza.  Domino's happens to be closest to me so I ordered a large thin crust veggie to pick up on my way home. 

Well, it woulda been $17.  WTH? For a thin crust veggie?  I don't know if you've ever had one of those, but it's totally not enough on its own to justify an Andrew Jackson.  Being the thrifty shopper that I am, I asked them about their specials.  I tried to get them to give me the Pizza Hut $10 special but no love.  I ended up with two large pizzas for $25.  That includes tax.  One was veggie for me, and one was pepperoni and mushroom for My Fat.  We both were very  happy.  Until of course, I got on the scale this AM. 

I had one hell of a time trying to get my tag transferred from Small Beachtown to Small Southern City.  3 hours later, no tag and one hungry lady.  I had a repeat of yesterday's lunch.  Although this time, no cheese and a small fry.  I still had the largest unsweet tea that anyone could carry in one hand, though. 

I'm glad for the workout tonight. And that I ate all the pepperoni pizza already. 

It's the small stuff you gotta stay happy about.


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Leslie Limon said...

I am SO glad that I no longer live in the U.S. I just know that I would be way heavier than I am now, if I had all that delicious, yummy, cheesy, greasy, heavenly pizza!