Thursday, April 29, 2010

WARNING: Disapointment Ahead


284.2 lbs

I blew it today.  I had a FRIED lunch.  Chicken, Fries, and a buscuit.  I feel kinda bad about it.  It was a conscious decision too.  I was meeting one of my friends out for lunch for his birthday (he turned 24; isn't that cute?).  He's a kid that used to work with me and we hit it off.  He's really a sweetie pie.  He's getting married to his little girlfriend next year.  So Cute! Ok.  It was his birthday on Tuesday and so me and the pregnant girl (who actually used to babysit him!) from work were meeting him at a place of his choice.  It's the place his future in-laws own.  They specialize in what I like to call "brown food".  You know, the kind where everything you order shows up in various shades of brown cause it's all fried?  Yeah, one of those places. 

Well, I decided as soon as we parked that I was going to eat anything I wanted.  I don't know why.  I don't know where the thought came from. I wasn't feeling down, deprived, or even devious.  And I had even taken a 20 minute walk this morning!  But somewhere inside snapped and made me order a fried chicken basket. Damnit.  I felt bad as soon as I ordered.  As I was eating and enjoying every fried bite I was feeling so guilty.  I drank my unsweet tea and dipped my fries and chickens into "house dipping sauce" and ranch dressing.  And not the light kind either.  It was so good.  I feel so bad. 

I've got plans tonight and don't know if I have time to get sweaty and clean again before having to leave at 6:45. 

I'm sure gonna try though. 


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Joy said...

I am sorry to hear that you had a tough day. :(
Don't be so hard on yourself! The good new is that one day of eating poorly isn't going to erase all your hard work. Make sure you forgive yourself for your friend food feast and get back on the wagon.

You can do it!

Amanda said...

There are days when a Symphony of Beige is all that sounds good for a meal. I went to Subway for lunch, and instead of my usual saintly "Six-inch Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on Wheat, please!" I had a 6-inch BMT on Italian Herb and Cheese bread.

And it was GOOD.

So was the cookie :P

Anonymous said...

Right On! One day won't erase your hard work anywhere except in your head. Forgive yourself, let go and make better choices tomorrow.

You can do it!

Leslie Limon said...

It was just one meal! You're doing a great job. Just consider this as a treat day. :)