Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Jiggle In the Middle


286.0 lbs.

I had a fantab low-fat taco salad last night. I did use lean ground beef, normally I'd use ground turkey breast, though. I had a small helping of organic blue corn chips, fresh tomatoes, and yummie romane lettuce. It was great! I even made my own taco seasoning which did not include salt so I can control my sodium intake. This is important since I've noticed that my ankles can get a little poofy at times.

This disturbs me. Of all the parts of my body classified as poofy, my ankles have never been one. I don't know if it's because I'm "getting older" or if it's because I've never been this weighty before, but the fact still remains that the ankles are growing at times. I am trying to drink more water and hope that less rides in the elevator are helping.

Speaking of poofy parts and more movement, I want to talk about walking down the stairs. All of us "fat girls" are proportioned differently. Some are top heavy, some have more junk in the trunk, some are just plain packed in from head to toe. I'm of the latter persuasion. To top it off, I've got a lot of jiggle in the middle. Like that? I just made it up. Pretty cute if I do say so myself. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have to look down when I walk down the stairs. It isn't a pretty sight. My jiggle takes on momentum and by time I reach the bottom, I feel like I could be knocking into both sides of the stair rails! Not literally, but damn, close enough. When I laugh I have that bowl full of jello. I love laughing! I hate jiggling! Egad, what a dilema! I let laughing win out every time, though. I enjoy it too much. Back to the stairs...I will keep walking the stairs. I can't wait till I'm looking down and see just a slight vibration. This side-to-side stuff is just awful.

I watched Fox's "More To Love" again last night. I haven't yelled more at the TV since Wes was still on "The Bachelorette". Like, really. My blood pressure is going up just thinking about this show. First of all, my heart is going out to most of these young women. I really am saddened that they're so young and have so much sadness from being overweight. I'm fortunate to be able to have a healthy self esteem and still be "another fat girl" (I want to lose weight, remember?). Someone should spend some time with these ladies and show them that worth does not come from the size of your ass. Or the amount of jiggle in your middle. It's part of what makes you 'you', but it isn't who 'you' are. There's a difference! Bonnie is great. I'm not a fan of her Kat Von D style (I think only Kat Von D rocks that at an A+ level), but she is very comfortable in her skin. Go Bonnie! That's what it's about! Alright then, enough of the Rant.

Oh yeah! I started a Twitter account! Follow me @another_fatgirl. Then you can learn about my daily fights with Mr. Pibb and Snicker Bar. These are mean folk.

It's pretty ugly in my world.



Peace Turkey said...

My fat concentration is mostly in the ass and thigh area. I don't see jiggle when I walk down the steps, but that's only because I can't see my own ass! I can't imagine what it looks like if someone is behind me. I feel you.

And More to Love? TRAGIC.

And last night I opted for a spoonful of the boyfriend's ice cream instead of cookies. He had a big old bowl of peanut butter cup chocolate ice cream last night. Damn him and his naturally thin build! I sat there and watched him eat it allllll. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

woohoo .2 lbs down. congrats and keep up with the stairs!!!