Monday, August 10, 2009

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Calories.


282.6 lbs

Awesome. I made it through the weekend with no major fluctuations.

Weightloss tip for the day: Your weight x 10 + your weight = the number of calories it takes to maintain your weight. Let me use me as an example: 282.6 x 10 = 2,826 + 282.6 = 3108.6 daily caloric consumption required to maintain my weight. To lose weight, I should eat less than that. The un-named article mentioned 500 calories less. We'll see.

My eating habits remained pretty much healthy this weekend with one exception: Last night's dinner.

I was invited to one of my ahtletic skinny girl friend's house for some "experimental cooking". This means that Athletic Skinny Girl had a new recipe she wanted to try and offered me the role of Guinea Pig. It really is an honor. It'd been awhile since we've hung out and I had already turned her down for two other events this weekend so I opted in. No mention of a diet was provided. I'm not on a diet anyway. Plus, this is anonymous, right?

I headed over to her house with a bottle of wine in tow. Turns out I'm getting cajun sausage with bow-tie pasta and crab cakes. I couldn't help the feeling of dread as I watched 3/4 of a stick of butter go into the sauce pan. Must-Resist-Urge-To-Gasp. We both realized later this may have been overkill for the two-person serving of the dish. She sautee'd the sausage in olive oil. The butter sauce gets added to the sausage and then that's served over the pasta. This, plus 2 oven-baked AWESOME homemade crabcakes, was dinner. We gave up on the wine, it was too sweet anyway, and had water with dinner. The food really was pretty good! I think it's important to note that my bathroom moment this morning wasn't.

While cleaning up last night, I couldn't help but mention something about the butter. A few times. My nagginess got the better of me. She'd said that the comments on the recipes had indicated to use less than what was called for (which was the full stick of butter). She then added in an indirect "leave me alone about it" but still nice way that she'd worked her ass off this weekend and deserved the good meal. I felt small and not in that good "I'm wearing my skinny jeans" sort of way.

She's my workout/play tennis till you drop/dance your ass off at the club friend. She works very hard for her very hard body. No faulting her there. She looks fantastic in a bathing suit which makes me secretly hate her on my 'fat girl' level. She can eat pretty much what she likes because she works so hard at keeping fit. This makes it somewhat hard to hang out when I'm so hyper-aware of food because we otherwise REALLY enjoy food. Burgers from Five Guys, Sushi from Surin, Pomme Frittes from Local French Bistro (renamed to protect my Fat Girl identity). You get the idea.

I've never thought about the fact that as much as I may think about food from a "fat girl" perspective, my "skinny girl" friends think about it from the "I don't want to be a fat girl" perspective. Hmm. Yeah, let me change that. I do know they care about what they eat. All girls that I've ever been friends with care about what they eat. It takes up much of the conversation. I doubt it's the same with guys. Damn guys. That's probably a bad stereotype, but I'm putting it in anyway.

I'm a girl who loves food. I think of it as an art. I savor it like a good wine. I don't ever want to lose this love of food. I just need to love it short of the point that I store it on my thighs like a bear prepares for hibernation.



Peace Turkey said...

A guy friend of mine and I were discussing how much we love butter this weekend. We basically decided that we like bread only because it's a carrier for butter. Same with bagels, english muffins and pasta to a certain extent. Certain wisdom says that butter is better for you than Country Crock or I Can't Believe It's Not Butter because it's natural and it's more flavorful so you'll use less.

I try to tell myself this when I load up a bagel with as much butter as it will hold. :-)

Props for the stable weight over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed this post sorry! The calorie thing is kinda scarey when you think of what it takes for us to maintiain where we may or may not be. When we are the "fat side" of this ~ going on a healthy doc prescribed 1000 cal per day diet, I can remember thinking no way that is too much food. Then realitiy sinks in and you realize on some days that amount is what I consumed at breakfast. What about lunch, what about dinner and the snacks inbetween? Now understand I am speaking for myself here. Also from a background of steriods and other weight packing on meds that when you decide no more the weight does not fall off just because you quit taking the stuff.Again I take full responsibility for packing it my mouth, man I am rambling on and on here. SORRY!
My words to you today!!! CONGRATS on where you are, scale-wise! And congrats on where you are mind-wise! Any change in any manner must begin with a change in mind-set! You are on that road!