Thursday, August 6, 2009



284.2 lbs

I weighed myself twice this morning. Even though I know that weight fluctuates from day to day, I'm still doing a little happy dance today. I find that I am MOTIVATED by the 2-lb difference. Motivation begets Momentum.....Having said that, I have a confession to make. I am drinking half a Mr. Pibb right now.

I caved, I know. It's my fat's fault, though, not mine. I get all excited about healthy eating. I have a healthy dinner, a healthy lunch, another healthy dinner (yummy salmon with seared greenbeans and squash/zucchini ribbons and a half of a sweet potato), another healthy lunch, and then it happens.

My fat gets very upset with me and makes me do bad things! My fat sends out the "Ooooohhh that cookie is so good, you know you want it!" messages and the "But life is too short and you shouldn't deny yourself little simple pleasures" messages. I try to be strong. I try to resist. Then suddenly, I'm walking by a counter full of Mr. Pibb and my fat sends out an irresistable urge to grab Mr. Pibb and pop it open. Yep, that's what happens. I drink a Mr. Pibb. It's only a half a one this time. Last night my fat expressed itself by eating a few spoonfuls of one of my $.99 pints o' icecream I have in the freezer. Remember those?

Well, I've been contemplating these actions and figured it could be worse. I stated in the beginning of this blog that I'm not goal-setting. I want to provide commentary on the World of Weight. It's the boyfriend that I can't get rid of and won't let go of all at the same time (don't you just hate that?!?). I'm really excited to see if talking about weight from every aspect of it in my life will actually end up with the result of me losing said weight. Ultimately, that's what I'm hoping here. Oh no. I think I just set a goal.

Since my little blog project got rolling, I've really been more aware of what I'm buying and eating. Wait. Not more aware, because I always know what I'm putting in my mouth and I always know what it will do to my jiggle and my hips. I think the better word is caring. That's the first by-product of this little social experiment. I'm pretty happy about it. What I don't want to happen to me is that I turn into this food-obsessed monster that can only look at the lunch sitting next to your keyboard rather than look you in the eyes when I talk to you. Yeah, I'm that fat girl.

So, I'm going to go home and be amused by the battle between me and my fat. I'm going to eat a healthy dinner and not worry if a few bites of ice cream manage to end up on the spoon that's heading toward my mouth. After all, life is too short to deny yourself little simple pleasures! Wait. Did you just hear that?



Peace Turkey said...

Yay! See? Small steps! Taking the stairs and having half a Mr. Pibb instead of taking the elevator and drinking all the Mr. Pibb is where it's at! I'm all about the give and take. And healthy eating all day means it's ok to have a taste of the yummy ice cream!

We think so alike, friend.

Anonymous said...

kudos kiddo