Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ra-Ra-Ree! Kick 'Em In the Knee! Ra-Ra-Rass! Kick 'Em In The ...


???.? lbs

I didn't weigh myself this morning.

I was on time to work, though!

I visit my blog daily for different reasons. Getting a new post up is actually lower on 'the list' than you might think.

I can't wait to see if I get new comments. If I don't have new comments, then I love logging on to see if I have new Followers, or "blog watchers" as I like to call them. Seeing that list grow with people who aren't my mother is freakin awesome. I haven't even been online a month and I've got 8 public watchers! This makes me feel awesome! Also, I feel a sense of obligation to make sure I keep it up. That whole public accountability thing, remember?

I feel bad when I eat cheese-laiden nachos with sour cream, or stuff like that. Not that I did that last night or anything. Well, maybe I don't feel bad, but like I'm letting my team down. Which is kinda worse. I've never been one much for sports; that feeling kinda sucks!

This whole thing is like a huge team, I'm going to all these different blogs and find other blogs from their "blog rolls" and become new fans of struggling ladies just like me. As I said the first time, I'm just another fat girl. One Fat Girl in a sea of LOTS of Fat Girls. Fat being "I need to lose 10 lbs" to "I need to lose 150lbs". I would love to lose 135.4lbs....YIKES. I've never placed a number on my wieghtloss dreams before.  I just did it on a calculator. The number is still staring back at me. Damn Number.

I love this not so little network of Peeps. Thanks for stopping by to read! If you've got a story, I'd love to know about it. Leave a comment with a link to it. This'll give me a reason to feel awesome!

Go Team!


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(corrected a typo on 08/31/09)


jo said...

You know, I eat nachos every once in awhile. I just portion out my chips and weigh my cheese. I don't use sour cream anymore, but same thing.

I make them at home, use Baked Tostitos, and canned nacho cheese. I never feel guilty! Now they're not quite as good as nachos purchased elsewhere, but they're still nachos. =)

This whole weight loss community is pretty amazing. Huge support system, everybody is cheering everyone else on. It is pretty cool!

I'm Just Another Fat Girl said...

Howdy Jo!

Thanks so much for the nacho recipe. I will definitely have to try it! I love sour cream, but I love avocado more. I also LOVE cilantro and the crisp bite of a chopped red onion. I have to take a pepcid after the onion, though.

How much cheese do you use? Are you one for the "light" versions?

Thanks for commenting! I feel awesome already!